What's a reasonable price for a Lilac Epi Pochette?

  1. I keep looking at all of these lovely epi bags in lilac and it makes me want one more and more. I think the lilac color is SO pretty.

    So my question..... What's a reasonable price for a Lilac Epi Pochette? I found one for $265 in Excellent to Mint condition. So is this a good buy?

    Thanks for the help.
  2. yep that is a great deal girl. go get yourself some lilac!! i was just looking at that listing...the pochette looks wonderful!
  3. I think it is a good price- LT had one a while ago for 300
  4. Lilac pochettes are extremely rare in mint condition...so I think anything between $200-$280 is a good deal.

    I got mine for $240 including shipping! :nuts:
  5. There is a Lilac Noe on eBay right now that has a sky high starting price but wow it's pretty! iChelle has given us all Lilac fever with that speedy and cozy combo! I'm thinking Lilac Noe with a white multi bandeau since her cozy is so cute with it! lol
  6. Oh good combo idea:yes: - I have a lilac noe- that I've been waiting for spring to use-the color is tdf and iChelle takes great photos- mine never look that good