Whats a reasonable partial refund amount?


Nov 13, 2007
Just to give an update to this story - the seller has come back to me and although stood by her ground and said she hadnt used the bag seemed genuinely apologetic and has agreed to give me a refund for $50.
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Apr 14, 2007
Arizona, USA

I need some advice from fellow Ebayers. I recently bought a Botkier bag which I was under the impression would be new however, when I received it, it does not look completely new as there are a few pen marks inside the bag.

I emailed the seller to raise this point, and it seems like she did not realise there were pen marks and has suggested that her son may have made these marks? She sounds like she is genuine, and has offered to do something to try and make it right for me. This is what she wrote in her message:

I am so sorry you are not completely satisified. As I remember, when I got the purse it had worn looking leather, I am very into that look, so I guess I thought nothing of it. I have had the purse for a year or so, and did do a move with it.....So I am not sure if me packing it and unpacking it caused any scratches on the bag. I am very apologetic about that. As for the pen marks, I rally am baffled. I did not use the purse. I do not know if my son had gotten into it and played with it as I had it in my computer room being listed on ebay. I am not sure what you would like me to do for you, but I will do whatever you feel you need. I am so sorry, and honestly didn't notice the leather was in any shape worn, and never saw the pen marks. I don't know if I can refund some of the money, or send you another purse as a bonus purse or something. Keep me posted and let me know, because I want to make this right for you. Again I am sorry, and was excited for you to get the purse, because I thought it was a great bag. I will make this right for you, I promise, just let me know what you are thinking you need. Thanks.

I still like this bag, and want to propose a partial refund, but I am not sure what would be reasonable? I paid $120 + 40 postage (because I live international) and am thinking if of asking for a partial refund of $60?

Has anyone had similar experiences or can suggest what would be reasonable?

Just a thought (since it happened to me!)....I actually purchased a Dooney & Bourke bag from a major department store (Macy's) and there was a pen mark inside. I purchase it brand new with tags and when I got it home and went to put my things inside I noticed the pen mark. I let it go and remembered it when I read your posting. I have never worked within retail, but I would think those bags go through quite a bit. I even have a friend who "tries on the bag" by putting all of her things inside prior to purchaing it (and some of the bags she puts back after putting all her things in them :heart:). It could have been the marks were there when she purchased it and possibly didn't see them.

I am so sorry as this doesn't help with regards to the refund amount, but she sounds very genuine and sincere. Maybe a 30-40% refund? Best wishes and happy holidays! :flowers::flowers::flowers: