Whats a reasonable partial refund amount?

  1. Hi,

    I need some advice from fellow Ebayers. I recently bought a Botkier bag which I was under the impression would be new however, when I received it, it does not look completely new as there are a few pen marks inside the bag.

    I emailed the seller to raise this point, and it seems like she did not realise there were pen marks and has suggested that her son may have made these marks? She sounds like she is genuine, and has offered to do something to try and make it right for me. This is what she wrote in her message:

    I am so sorry you are not completely satisified. As I remember, when I got the purse it had worn looking leather, I am very into that look, so I guess I thought nothing of it. I have had the purse for a year or so, and did do a move with it.....So I am not sure if me packing it and unpacking it caused any scratches on the bag. I am very apologetic about that. As for the pen marks, I rally am baffled. I did not use the purse. I do not know if my son had gotten into it and played with it as I had it in my computer room being listed on eBay. I am not sure what you would like me to do for you, but I will do whatever you feel you need. I am so sorry, and honestly didn't notice the leather was in any shape worn, and never saw the pen marks. I don't know if I can refund some of the money, or send you another purse as a bonus purse or something. Keep me posted and let me know, because I want to make this right for you. Again I am sorry, and was excited for you to get the purse, because I thought it was a great bag. I will make this right for you, I promise, just let me know what you are thinking you need. Thanks.

    I still like this bag, and want to propose a partial refund, but I am not sure what would be reasonable? I paid $120 + 40 postage (because I live international) and am thinking if of asking for a partial refund of $60?

    Has anyone had similar experiences or can suggest what would be reasonable?
  2. Actually I think that that is rather high considering what you have indicated are a few marks to the interior - unless there is also exterior damage?? If it is just the stray pen marks I think 50% of the purchase price is excessive... JMO:shrugs:
  3. I guess I am just dissapointed that the bag is used rather than new.

    The leather looks like it could be worn, but at the same time, it could be due to the type of leather it is (Italian Lambskin).

    So, the bag that is meant to be new, has 2 stains inside the bag, a few pen marks and leather that *could* be worn on the outside or it might be part of the design? As the bag is not sold locally, I cant go to the shop to compare.
  4. It sounds like she is a liar. Sorry, I am not buying her story at ALL. I would ask for more off or send it back. She knew exactly what the condition of the bag was. As for her son? putting marks on it. Shame on her.
  5. I dunno... she seems like a total sweetheart, and really nice. I wish more sellers were like her. The seller really wants to make things right, and I think you should give her the benefit of the doubt, especially since it's hard to tell with distressed leather... she may have honestly thought that it was supposed to look like that.

    And the pen marks could have been overlooked accidentally... I know that I almost bought a Coach purse from Macy's what had sharpie stains on the interior. I'm glad that I looked inside of it throughly (wanted to see if it would fit textbooks)... otherwise I would have bought it thinking it was in perfect shape, not knowing about the stains. And if she really didn't use it, then she might have just assumed it was pristine from the store when it really wasn't.
  6. I am so confused! $120 for a Botkier bag is ridiculously cheap... was this a BIN price or something? So either, this seller knew about the pen marks but didn't want to mention them but put it up for sale really cheap and is now possibly lying simply to save her pride? Anyway, some Botkier bags have a worn look, which colour and type did you buy? I have to say though, if you bought a Botkier bag for $120 there should be more than just pen marks on it... you got a genuine bargain there. Assuming you're not talking in pounds :smile:.

    By the way, i'm leaning towards she's geuinely sorry as opposedly to lying. Sure her reason seems a bit shady, but I think her intention is genuine. But sometimes I get pen marks in my bags too and I don't realise until a fair while later.

  7. Yes it was $120 USD - I bought the Bokier Skeleton (which I think is from the previous season). This was the auction price, and I think it went for cheaper than some other Botkier bags is becuase it did not come with a dust bag or authenticity card. From looking at the bag, it looks authentic (however I have not ever seen a Botkier bag) based on the quality of the leather etc.

    Item number is 220168964982 if anyone is interested to see what it looks like.
  8. This is what the bag looks like...
  9. Couldnt attach the pictures in the previous post...here it is.
    botkierbag_001.jpg botkierbag_002.jpg botkierbag_003.jpg botkierbag_012.jpg
  10. she seems honest and very willing to help solve this but asking for 60 half of what you paid is too much IMO
    the pens marks are inside nobody is going to see them and the leather could have been made to look that way 25-30 tops i would ask for
  11. She can be sweet as pie, and still be a liar. The bag was suppose to be new?
    I just received an email from a seller who says her bag on eBay was being sold.... because she just doesn't like the style, and purchased it from someone on eBay. Her auction clearly states that she is the original owner. She fibbed numerous times. Just because someone is willing to go that extra mile, doesn't mean they don't lie. Hopefully you can sort this out.
  12. Thanks so much for the advice.
    I have requested $50 for refund and have yet to hear a response. I took into account that that this amount was reasonble becuase:
    1. She lied and told me that shipping would cost $40 to ship o/s but when I recieved the parcel, I saw that she had only paid $20
    2. $30 for the fact that it has pen marks all over the bags plus the stain. Sure if it had one pen mark it might be from the shop, but it had pen marks all over the bottom of the bag.

    Does anyone have any advice on what is the best way to get the pen marks out?
  13. Ok this is my take on the situation: for one, I see she's a newbie seller and she just said this item was 'new', so she probably thinks it counts as 'new' because a) it's not flawed on the outside and b) she only used it a few times perhaps. I mean yes yes, we all know using it a few times would count as 'used' but I know there are sellers out there who say their bags are new but state in their auctions they only took it out 'a handful of times' and it just doesn't look used, if you know what I mean. I think she just wasn't descriptive enough.

    Also it went for really cheap because this is last season and it isn't one of the more popular Botkier styles like the sasha or bianca, not because it didn't come with dustbag or authenticity cards so on so forth. Personally, I still think you got a really awesome deal, and since she is trying very hard to make things right I might let it slide this time, just let her know that she needs to be more descriptive in her. If you're adamant on the refund, i'd say a quarter of the price, I wouldn't ask for half because there's nothing wrong on the outside.

    For feedback I might leave neutral or positive but still tell everyone your item was not as advertised. Seriously though, she could write more than just 3 sentences, three sentences doesn't tell you anything. Bah!
  14. Oops I just saw this, $50 sounds fair I guess. Good luck and congrats on this steal.
  15. Let us know what happens. I personally think you are asking too much, given the sale price, but you haven't posted photos of the damage. If I were the seller, I would offer you a full refund and take the bag back.