What's a reasonable amount of time to pay?

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  1. I just sold my third item ever on Ebay and the person who won the auction has been silent and has not paid in over 48 hours. I find that odd.

    What's a reasonable expectation for receiving payment?

    I see a lot of listings say "Payment in 24 or 48 hours or you'll be reported as a non-paying bidder".
  2. eBay gives them 4 days to pay and you can't report them as a non paying bidder until after that.
    I usually send them an invoice as a gentle reminder after a couple of days past auction end if they still haven't paid.
    Good luck!
  3. Buyers have 4 days to pay, regardless of what sellers stipulate in their listing. If you file a claim, they have another 4 days to pony up the money until eBay closes the case and the buyer's account receives a strike. If they haven't paid by tomorrow send them another invoice.
  4. The buyer may be using an automated bidding program, and may not be checking messages. Like others have said, eBay gives buyers 4 days to pay before a seller can open an INR claim.

    I realize it may be frustrating for sellers who put payment requirements in the item description, but there's not a whole lot you can do about it.

    Here's hoping that the buyer will be responsive come Monday.
  5. I have 24-48 hr in my listing but I can't enforce it (for best offer). I just wait the 4 days and file. eBay sends enough reminders to buyers.
  6. Buyers nowadays are taking their sweet time to pay... ebay gives them 4 days
    & then if you open a NPB claim,they get another 4 days..

    Perhaps send another invoice & hopefully they will pay..
  7. Buyer paid this morning thankfully. I am growing more and more weary of eBay since reading so much on this forum in the last week. Maybe my ebaying days are over... I have a low tolerance for being played :sad:
  8. I usually see their feedback, if its like 100+, I'm not so worried, I have came to find out there are buyers who like to accumulate and pay all at once :smile: but for one digit feedback and no response to message...I just send them the no pay after 4 days :sad: don't waste getting mad, I just started selling and it happened to me already. lol. The forum have a post on how to avoid this, it helped me alot!
  9. :bump:

    With the holidays and New Years, how long is reasonable to wait for payment before filing NPB?

    I've given one of my buyers over a week, sent her an invoice a few days ago, but still have not seen anything come through. She has a ton of positive feedback, so I'm not super concerned, but this is the first time it's taken this long. I messaged her as well. I certainly understand with traveling and the holidays, it may take longer.
  10. What is reasonable to one person may not be for another. Ebay's guidelines give buyers 4 days to pay, then you can file NPB which gives them an additional 4 days to pay. I think most people can access a computer if they have bid on something within 8 days time frame. Think how a buyer would act if you waited that long to mail their item after they paid. Would they give you the benefit of the doubt that you were on holiday so they had to wait a week for mailing?
  11. If she hasn't paid after a week, she isn't going to!
  12. +1 :sad:
  13. Just so you know, ALL buyers have positive feedback. Sellers have not been able to leave less then positive feedback for buyers since 2008. Buyers feedback is useless. What is important is the feedback buyers leave for other sellers.

    About getting paid: if you use BIN and not auctions, then you can set the listings with immediate payment required. I did that a couple of months ago and love it.
  14. I've gone to "BIN" with immediate payment even thought it costs me to list the items. The few I have on auction, I'm having to deal with NPB's and it's getting really old (I don't sell much, but it's a hassle never knowing when/if they will pay).
  15. Even with BIN people are not paying you?? That is AWFUL. That would be like sending an order to Amazon without a means of payment; that is how I feel! Why some people think that this okay I will never understand. Buy it now means pay for it now! I can understand with auctions sometimes one cannot be at the computer sitting on the end of an auction. (although if I am and I win, I do pay right then) But as you said in an earlier post you know within 8 hours most people have had the opportunity to access a computer and check the auction--and PAY if they won.

    I can tell sellers are having a hard time getting paid lately. In all of my years on ebay, I've never gotten messages of such gratitude for prompt payment. Feedback, yes, but not messages. Buyers need to treat ebay the way they would treat Amazon or Zappos. You put it in your cart and follow through and pay. Sorry to hear you're having this issue.