Whats a nice LE fall/winter '07 bag to add in my LE collection?

  1. just want to ask for some opinions on which LE bag for fall/winter '07 collection should i buy. I would like to buy the mirage with exotic skin but its kinda out of my budget range. but i dont like the mirage w/o the exotic skin it just doesnt appeal to me. it looks boring and the material looks cheap (the materials used in the handles) but thats IMO only, maybe the resolution of the pic that i saw wasnt that good, i dont know, all i know is that need to buy something from the LE fall/winter collection. I made up my mind that i will only buy 2-3 bags a year which would be limited editions. thats why i need to make up my mind soon so i can be placed on the waitlist.:p:p:p

    any reply would be much appreciated:wlae::wlae::wlae:
  2. 1. I am totally with you on buying just 2-3 bags per year, but they are LE.

    2. I know you said that you were not crazy about the degrade items, but IMO, I think they are so unique. I love the way the bag fades from regular to dark.

    3. The bags that I would suggest from the F/W line would be the:
    A. The Griet in black
    B. the Monogram Motard Biker bag in maroon
    C. The sherling bag ( Personally, I don't like)

    Hope this helps. Also, its worth checking out the Fall Winter 2007/2008 The Summary. There is sooo much great info in there (pg.65 is the best). Let us know what you choose!
  3. i'm waitlisted for the degrade speedy and motard pochette. i'm guessing that the degrade is going to be the hot line for the f/w season.

    if you like exotics, try one of the motards in exotic skin. the price is a little more friendly than the degrade line.
  4. look at the thread that label addict started, it has all the pics, you can obsess over the F/W line...
  5. im checking it out now, i like the tivoli but is it a LE??

    i wasnt aware that the bag will fade from regular to dark maybe thats the beauty of it. I really like the exotic mirage.

    i think im not gonna get anything this season either the bag is out of my budget or i just dont like the style,

    the thing with tivoli is that it just looks the same with the regular items theres no added appeal to it not unlike the mirage ect.

    i kinda like the monogram limelight but it reminds of of a garbage bag for some odd reason.

    anyways thanks for the reply!!!:wlae::wlae::wlae:

    till nextime