What's a "Mini Skinny"

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  1. What's a mini skinny? And what do ya'll use them for?
    I've seen alot of "Whats in your Coach" pictures and I think what I"m seeing are mini skinnies BUT I dont know for sure.

    And I wonder....what do you put in your Mini Skinny? Is it for change? Lose items? I'm thinking about getting one to better organize my Parker...but I dont know what their used for?

    Anyone? Anyone?!
  2. Mini skinnies are just the right size to hold credit cards and they also have a keyring attached that some people use and some people don't. I have a medium skinny which is a bit bigger and has card slots inside (still has the keyring, but I don't use it.) HTH :smile:
  3. I have two. One as a wallet (money,cc, id) and one to hold misc cards (I attached car key and put gas money inside also)
  4. The best invention EVER! I've had one for a few years and only used it for certain events, but I recently started using all the time it in addition to a wallet. I keep my absolute essentials (driver's license, debit card, insurance cards, Starbucks card, Kroger card) in it so that I can grab it alone for some everyday things, but I still carry other things in my wallet in my purse. I'm thinking of replacing the keyring with a clip.
  5. I use mine to keep gift cards in. They are a great little accessory.
  6. I use my mini skinny for business cards. Not that I ever use them but it's good to have them on hand! :biggrin: I think I might have to get the Mermaid ID Mini Skinny though.. that will be great for my school ID!
  7. I love Mini Skinnys!!!
    I use one for Coin only. Sometimes, I do put Dollar bills, my Visa, and DL and go. (Especially when I am running to the store for a short time and don't want to carry a purse.)

    Lynne :biggrin:
  8. I :heart: them too! :biggrin:
  9. I just got one today~I got the teal dotted op art skinny.I have my money in the zip part and in the outside slip part, I have my DL and bank card!I love the mini skinnie's, they are so handy and don't take up alot of room in your bag.
  10. I have one and I use it in my Poppy Button Bag. It's a small crossbody bag and the mini skinny is the perfect size. I keep some cash, my license, and my main credit card in there. I am going to be buying a few more soon because it's so handy.
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    I used to carry one as my wallet when I first started into coach. It was a blue/white leather one and i have regretted giving it away so many times. I havent found one that I'm happy with since.

    Its a great idea tho. Perfect for attaching your keys, carry your drivers lic, ins, and debit card for times when you just run to the corner store or dont really need your entire wallet.

    I havent used one in a while, still havent found one that wow's me....

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  12. I keep ID, bank cards and insurance cards in mine and use them inside of my wristlet and clutches.