What's a Healthy Pregnancy Diet?

  1. Its said that a pregnant woman should consume about 2200 calories during the first 20 weeks and 2500 calories thereafter. It seems like alot! Especially if you do not have an appetite.

    What is a reasonable diet? Is 1200 calories too little?
  2. I was told that you should up your personal intake by about 300 kals. I consume usually around 1500 so 1800 to 2000 was sufficient. my doc was crazy about weight gain and totally had a go at me after putting on 5 kgs in 8 weeks....

    but I do think that 1200 is too little. I don't know at which stage you are, but I am not sure whether you can maintain that. if this is bec you worry about weight gain - i'd say it depends more on what you eat than the calorie intake. if you eat 2000 in ice cream you will put on weight regardless, not to mention no good for your baby. but a healthy and balanced diet, minus the 'not allowed' foods, should be just fine!

    I lost the weight very quickly and I believe this is bec i had a really balanced and healthy diet. and of course bec I was nursing.
  3. I read recently in Fit Pregnancy that a normal, healthy pregnancy should only need an additional 350 calories a day and that no weight should be gained in the first trimester, and the majority of the weight will be gained in the last few weeks of pregnancy (something like a pound a week).

    And of course, they mentioned losts of lean protein (I want to say 71 grams, but not sure), fresh veggies and milk.
  4. I can scan the article if you are interested... it is quite good :yes:
  5. Nobody ever told me anything about extra calories. I was told to eat fruits & veggies and to eat when I was hungry. As much as you want to eat a tub of ice cream for dinner every night, try not to ;) ...at least, that's what I was craving for, lol
  6. Its more of a lack of appetite thing (1st trimester).
  7. I would talk to your doc about it- I am sure it varies per person also. :yes:
  8. Most of my friends have felt this way in their first trimester. The hormonal changes and the increased sensory sensitivity make many lose their appetite (and some their lunch).

    I think this is really normal, but it might feel better to hear it from your own Dr.
  9. ^ totally normal. I was absolutely against food during the first trimester - only really spicey chicken cooked by my sweetheart hubby :heart:.

    if you are feeling nauseous try eating dry bread first thing in the morning b4 getting up and have a hot drink as well.

    btw, I did make up for feeling ill once the first 14 weeks had passed... hence the sudden weight increase. I calmed down a bit after that.

    so do we say congrats?
  10. envy, do you have some news? Or have I already missed it!?

    1200 is really too little/day.
    My OB recommended me upping my calories by about 400/day. I have both of my pregnancy calendars, one form my DD adn the one from my twins and I have to say, most of us do gain a little weight in the 1st trimester, unless you have pretty sever morning sickness.
    I never gained weight in the last 3 weeks, I had no room. . . I make BIG babies! LOL!
  11. I am in my third trimester with gestational diabetes. They want me to gain 1/2 a pound a week from now until the end (so far only gained about 10 pounds but gained 38 with first kiddie). The dietician has me on a strict 1700 calorie 7 meal a day diet designed to keep my sugars low and weight gain on track. I am no dr. but 1200 seems low. Make sure you're taking your vitamins and seek the advice of a professional.

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  14. I agree. you can also check with a nutritionist maybe they can tell you what to stick to and what to stay away from.
  15. You can get a lot of info here also:http://www.babyfit.com/