What's a Gucci girl like? This is Me!

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  1. Yes, I shamelessly stole this from the MJ forum. I've checked and don't think a thread like this exists here.

    Name: Lauren
    Age: thirties
    Gender: Woman Sex: Female (just to be technical :biggrin:)
    Resides: blue collar town in Canada
    Occupation: I like to think of myself as a social worker, behavioural specialist, parent, counselor and mediator wrapped up into one...he he...teacher...
    Favourite brands: Gucci, Hugo Boss, Burberry, MJ, Goyard
    Hobbies: reading, jewelry making, knitting, watching tv, listening to music, shopping
    Favourite drinks: coffee, tea and scotch whiskey - not all at once...
    Favourite foods: bbq wings, sushi/sashimi, pho, in general chinese & indian foods
    Favourite shows: X-Files, Hell's Kitchen, Supernatural (before S6), Star Trek: DSN and any martial arts dramas
    Favourite movies: Any war and martial arts movies, Dark City, Equilibrium
    Favourite books: Zen & the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, Lord of the Flies, Macbeth, Treatise of Human Nature, The Jade Peony, The Tao is Silent
    Odd things about me: I love spiders and reptiles, violent video games and visual rock bands. Fruits in desserts gross me out. Have enough degrees/certifications to wallpaper a room! lol
    Things that scare me: I have a height phobia and can't do balcony seating in theatres/high up in stadiums, I'm afraid of toppling over. Drowning because I nearly drowned before. Having no money.
    Current obsessions: Blythe, my e-reader, the Bamboo Top-Handle!
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    Very interesting!

    Name: Sandy
    Age: Forties
    Gender: Female
    Resides: Philadelphia Suburbs
    Occupation: Mom (of four); Wife; Sister; Friend (stay at home mom)
    Favourite Brands: Gucci & Fendi
    Hobbies: Reading, Jewelry Collecting (Ripka Yurman), Shopping; Interior Design
    Favourite Drinks: Coffee (I need it); White Wine; Martini's; Water
    Favourite Foods: Italian; Chinese; Thai; Cheesecake!
    Favourite Shows: Ghost Hunters; Paranormal State; old episodes of Rockford Files; Murder She Wrote & Columbo; Desperate Housewives
    Favourite Movies: Gone With the Wind; Wuthering Heights; The Sixth Sense; The Godfather; Goodfellas
    Favourite Books: (Fav. Authors) Danielle Steel; Mary Higgins Clark; Sir Arthur Conan Doyle; and others (mystery; historical romance, ghost stories)
    Odd Things About Me: I tend to wear alot of black
    Things That Scare Me: Airplanes!
    Current Obsessions: Growing my handbag collection
  3. GhstDreamer, I think you and I have quite a bit in common (including Gucci of course)

    Name: P/T
    Age: Don't believe in it
    Gender: All woman with a hint of fox
    Resides: Here and there, usually more there than here but ATM I'm here.
    Occupation: I work in the cultural industries/professor
    Favourite brands: Gucci, Hermes, Alexander McQueen, YSL, Sonia Rykiel
    Hobbies: Reading, Vintage shopping, theatre, dancing, martial arts, walking surrounded by green.
    Favourite drinks: Water, tea, coffee
    Favourite foods: Apples, dark chocolate, sushi/sashimi
    Favourite shows: Wallander (Swedish version) Masterchef (all versions)
    Favourite movies: The Man Who Fell to Earth, Clockwork Orange, Blade Runner, Sweet Smell of Success
    Favourite books: Too many and no time to re-read them
    Odd things about me: Have enough degrees/certifications to wallpaper a room too ( Gucci girls are obviously clever LOL). Wear boots 90% of the year. I like sitting in silent rooms with nothing to do except think.
    Things that scare me: Ignorance, fatalism.
    Current obsessions: The Bamboo Top-Handle! Hermes Scarves!
  4. PT: I forgot Blade Runner - love that movie! I guess any cyber punk really.

    Goodluxegirl: I used to wear tons of black too but then, people started telling me that's all I have in my wardrobe. So out went the black and in came brown and green...lol...
  5. Name: LaToya
    Age: 29 and look and feel 21
    Gender: female and a diva
    Resides: Fort Worth,TX
    Occupation: I work as an insurance adjuster
    Favourite brands: Gucci,LV, Alexander McQueen,Marc Jacobs and Theory and many more.
    Hobbies: writing, shopping, dancing,drawing,arts and craft,listening to all types of music, designing clothes
    Favourite drinks: Water, tea,Dr.Pepper, fruit punch and Martinis
    Favourite foods: pizza, asparagus,chinese food,mexican food, Godiva chocolates,cake
    Favourite shows: Greys Anatomy,Desperate Housewives, all episodes of The Real Housewives, CSI NY and Miami,King of Queens and Meet the Browns and Family Guy
    Favourite movies: both SATC movies, Date Night, Stepbrothers, Why did I get Married
    Favourite books: the one I'm writing
    Odd things about me: someone stole one of my Gucci Horsebit purses, I'm scared of moths and bees and airplanes and cats. I can pick up things with my toes lol! Pretty weird I know. And I like wearing sandals even If the weather is 40 to 50 degrees.
  6. How fun!

    Name: Michele
    Age: 30-something
    Gender: Female
    Resides: Seattle, WA
    Occupation: Sales
    Favourite brands: GUCCI! LV (even though I don't own one...yet) Tiffany & Co., Helly Hansen for snowboarding gear, Joes Jeans & Hudson Jeans
    Hobbies: Singing, Shopping, Snowboarding, Spa-ing, Hot Yoga
    Favourite drinks: Coffee in general, Marble Mocha Macchiato, Caramel Macchiato, Pepermint White Choc Mocha, and just recently Toffee Mocha, etc...
    Favourite foods: Local/Hawaiian Plate lunches, Japanese, Korean BBQ, Italian, Filipino...basically ALL kinds of food! Hehe.
    Favourite shows: Top Chef, Project Runway, Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill, Young & the Restless, How I Met Your Mother, Big Bang Theory, SATC series...just to name a few
    Favourite movies: Titanic, Bridges of Madison County, any movie that makes me cry
    Favourite books: Twilight Series, Life of Pi, The Red Tent, Memoirs of a Geisha, The Five People You Meet in Heaven, The Lovely Bones, My Sister's Keeper...almost everything by Jodi Picoult, currently reading Time Traveler's Wife
    Odd things about me: ???
    Things that scare me: Losing a loved one
    Current obsessions: Anything gucci, shopping and planning my next vacation.
  7. Pursefreak25: Oh no that's awful about your horsebit bag!! Hope you got yourself a replacement.

    flipchick: I love Hudson jeans too - they're the only brand that fits me well.
  8. Name: Magaly but go by Maggie
    Age: 44
    Gender: Woman Sex: Female
    Resides: Miami, Florida
    Occupation: Tenchnical name is Funder but I wear many hats here...
    Favourite brands: Gucci, Coach, Valentino
    Hobbies: reading, shopping, and playing with Leah (my 6 year old)
    Favourite drinks: Pepsi, Ice Tea, and tones of Water
    Favourite foods: Cuban, Indian (any and all of it) Chinese (when I want comfort food).
    Favourite shows:smile:, Star Trek (any), Sar Wars (Clone Wars), House Hunter (both). and me odd one Keeping Up with the Kardasians...(I hate all other shoes like this one).
    Favourite movies: Sci-Fi anything excpt horor, all time fav Casablanca
    Favourite books: The Chosen Sin by Anya Bast, and City Of Bones, City of Ashes and City of Angles (series and it is the best I have ever read) ...
    Odd things about me: I can not stand anything with more the two eyes... thank goodness those are mostly fiction...
    Things that scare me: Hight but it must be extreme and with out cover... death to a freakish extent and Horor movies or books...
    Current obsessions: My e-reader DH got it for me yesterday, DD, Traveling...

    Thank you Ghst this was fun...
  9. Name: Stephanie
    Age: 25
    Gender: Female
    Resides: NY
    Occupation: Secretary
    Favorite brands: Gucci, LV, Balenciaga, Coach, Tiffany, Chanel
    Hobbies: Shopping, Going to the beach, hanging out with my SO and Chihuahua's
    Favorite drinks: I only drink water...boring, I know
    Favorite foods: Chicken Parmigiana, Penne a la Vodka, Chinese food
    Favorite shows: Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Real Housewives
    Favorite movies: Sweet Home Alabama
    Favorite books: Don't read often enough to have a favorite
    Odd things about me: I don't eat any dessert foods except chocolate chip cookies
    Things that scare me: Losing a loved one, spiders, roaches, mice, airplanes
    Current obsessions: Gucci
  10. I know, us gucci gals are freakin' geniuses...lol...
  11. #11 Oct 4, 2010
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    gender: female
    resides:the burbs of NY
    occupation:SAHM of two beautiful boys, pharmacist
    favorite brand: Gucci, MJ/MBMJ, LV, Burberry, 7 for All Mankind, Rock and Republic, Paige, Citizens of Humanity, Splendid, Primp, Theory, BCBG, Cole Haan, Stuart Weitzman, J Crew, Banana Republic, Puma, Naturalizer, Aerosoles, CL to name a few LOL.
    hobbies:spending time with my family, shopping, reading, vegging out on the couch, eating, watching TV, camping
    favorite drinks: iced green tea, passion fruit juice, aloe drink, Snapple, Honest Ade/Tea, hot chocolate, green tea frapuccino, java chip frapuccino w/raspberry syrup
    favorite foods:Italian (lasagna, pizza), Indian (chicken tikka masala, naan), Korean (bi bim bop, jap chae), Greek, Thai, Mexican, sloppy joes, pizza burgers, Swedish meatballs, meatloaf
    favorite shows:Top Chef, almost every show on Food Network, Project Runway, the Rachel Zoe Project, What Not to Wear, Bridezillas, Glee, Psych, Desperate Housewives, I Love Lucy, Three's Company. My fav show of all time has got to be Ugly Betty or Friends or Sex and the City. I think it's a 3 way tie.
    favorite movies: Pretty Woman, SATC, Mama Mia, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Steel Magnolias, The Green Mile
    favorite books: Shopaholic series, The Lovely Bones, Memoirs of a Geisha, The Confederacy of Dunces, Something Borrowed, Something Blue
    odd things about me:I sniff and hold DH's pajama top when he is away so I can sleep at night.
    things that scare me:anything bad happening to my family or friends, insects (mainly spiders), losing my hair, being alone, confrontation, hate, violence, heights, flying, drowning
    current obsessions:my kids, handbags that I can't afford or don't need, shoes, premium denim
  12. We certainly know GG-orgeous-ness when we see it :P :yahoo::smartass:
  13. What a great idea!

    Name: Danielle
    Gender: Female
    Resides: Northern Virginia
    Occupation: Human Resources for a Pharma Company
    Favourite brands: Gucci, LV, Burberry (Anything that's beautiful)
    Hobbies: Pilates, reading, grad school
    Favourite drinks: Dr. Pepper, Green Tea Ginger Ale, Moscato
    Favourite foods: Japanese, Any Seafood
    Favourite shows: Grey's Anatomy, Real Housewives (All of them), Three's Company and I'm an all time fan of The Golden Girls
    Favourite movies: Gone with the Wind, Shawshank Redemption, The Family Stone, The Way We Were, A Mirror has Two Faces, The Color Purple
    Favourite books: Something Blue, Something Borrowed, Baby Proof, My Sister's Keeper
    Odd things about me: Nothing that I can think of!
    Things that scare me: Rodents, losing a loved one, flying
    Current obsessions: Purse Forum, shopping, school work
  14. Fun!

    Name: Li
    Age: Just turned 31 :sad:
    Gender: Female
    Resides: NYC
    Occupation: Part-time tutor/stay at home wife
    Favourite brands: Gucci, Paige, Joe's Jeans
    Hobbies: Reading, shopping
    Favourite drinks: Dr. Pepper, Cherry Pepsi, Midori and Amaretto Sours, Pina Coladas
    Favourite foods: Italian, Indian (muligatawny, chicken tikka masala, poori and naan are my absolute favorites), dark chocolate covered cherries from my sister's store, Morton's
    Favourite shows: The Vampire Diaries, Desperate Housewives, Friends, SATC
    Favourite movies: Twilight (LOVE Rob!!), Lord of the Rings Trilogy (TT is my favorite), The Departed, 13 Going on 30, Snatch, Kingdom of Heaven
    Favourite books: Twilight Saga, Catcher in the Rye, The DaVinci Code, Angels & Demons
    Odd things about me: I'm sure my husband could come up with a bunch of things~
    Things that scare me: Horribly afraid of flying, bugs/mice/rats, death, sickness, hospitals
    Current obsessions: Ipod Touch
  15. Name: Marianne
    Age: 39 and holding!! :smile:
    Gender: Woman Sex: Female
    Resides: Wellington, FL (just moved and almost settled in, yay!)
    Occupation: Kindergarten teacher plus Mom, Wife, Sister, Daughter, Mrs. Fix-it, Best Friend (Jack of all trades)
    Favourite brands: New to Gucci :love:, LV, Chanel
    Hobbies: purse forum of course, shopping, reading- I love the library, trashy gossip magazines and shows, hanging out with the kids and DH, doing my own mani's and pedi's (Spa time for Mom)
    Favourite drinks: tea, Diet Coke, iced coffee, extremely light beer
    Favourite foods: Mediterranean- mostly Arabic and Israeli, Italian, and the typical American: homemade bbq chicken and ribs, pizza, burgers, etc.
    Favourite shows: TMZ and not much else lately
    Favourite movies: Shawshank Redemption, Steel Magnolias, Fried Green Tomatos, a ton of 80's movies, Chick Flicks...
    Favourite books: too many to list plus I've read too many
    Odd things about me: I have a snake, I don't mind bugs except for cockroaches and waterbugs. I don't usually like nuts in my food like cookies or on ice cream. I hate Doritos-- the smell alone makes me want to puke!
    Things that scare me: Heights, landings and takeoffs, pit bulls
    Current obsessions: the perfect shade of lavender nail polish, anything Gucci, losing the 10 lbs I gained from eating cafeteria food lunches