What's a great accessory...

  1. Looking for a great accessory to hold my money that's a classic style that would fit any Coach bag I carry...

    Here's the three handbags I have...And I am awaiting for my All Leather Small Flap Bleeker to arrive...It's British Tan...I am SOOOO EXCITED about it!!!

    But...Then I don't have any Coach accessories...Like a wallet...I don't have one particular checkbook that I use. (We have three checking accounts) So I can't see where a checkbook one would be "major"...But one to keep my cash in...But one that would go with all that I own...So I can just toss it in a different bag and head out...Without changing EVERYTHING from one wallet into another when I switch out bags...Something that I can just grab and toss into another one and go...

    Any helpful hints as to what I should be looking at?
    IMG_2654 (2).JPG
  2. hmmm your colors are kind of everywhere, and I am the same exact way.. I do not like to switch my wallets so I just have one. I just bought the bleecker checkbook (for me I need a checkbook) in the khaki/black. I love it because it matches all bags, including black or brown. It also has that hot magenta lining and the cute tatterstal in the coin and bill compartment. I think something like that or a solid black or solid color like turquoise or something like that would be cute in most bags. Good Luck! :tup:
    This is the one I have: http://www.coach.com/assets/product_images/colord2/40893_BKHKL_d2.jpg

  3. I like the idea of a solid color like turquoise or pink...Then it so wasn't meant to match...But stand out!

    Though I do think both links that were attached were beautiful accessories...

    Thanks so much!:flowers:
  4. There's the Hampton's wallet in geranium:


    Or it comes in grass green.
  5. Or in signature: (this also comes with a lilac stripe)
  6. My thought exactly . . . I carry a Pond or a Zebra Stripe Legacy French purse and a raspberry planner with all my different Ali’s the unexpected pop of color is fun. Sometimes when it is hard to match, a contrast is a better choice. Go to Coach’s website, there are so many colorful leather French Purses and small wallets. I am sure you could also find nice color leathers at the outlets. I personally do not like multifunctions/mini’s some of them require triple folding your bills in order to fit and a bit too small, but they are another option. I definitely recommend leather they look and “feel” substantial.
  7. This little bag is awesome and perfect for what you want. I personally can't stand paying for a wallet so I love the wristlets. This one is larger than most and comes in signature and all leather. I plan to use mine exactly like you said, to hold my money, id and debit card and just grab it and go.

    Hamptons Turnlock Wristlet:

  8. Hm-mm folding ones money...Is that what one would have to do with this one? I liked the style...http://cgi.ebay.com/Coach-Soho-Lilac-Leather-Multifunction-Wallet-NWT-128_W0QQitemZ150199901427QQihZ005QQcategoryZ45259QQtcZphotoQQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

    If it's authentic that is...
  9. Yes! authentic, I had one, if you fold bills in half and place in the slot the flap folds over and crushes the edges, also credit cards will cause wear to the underside of the flap, there are soho compact clutches that are similar in style but have a length-wise double bill compartment. Here's a link, they used to be available in red, blues, pinks, all the neutrals . .


  10. Do the soho compact clutches come in the same color...I really love the color of the light lilac...
  11. I believe so, they will be hard to find because this line has been discontinued. Keep checking eBay, outlets, or maybe Coach will have lilac accessories this spring? I want to clarify . . . . wallets that are 4" tall will hold half folded bills without being crushed i.e. like signature hampton.^