what's a good work bag?

  1. outside of the mono canvas line. I want something that is spacious (can fit at least a med. sized tupperware, a pair of shoes, and the other usuals such as wallets, sunglasses case, keys, etc) that goes over the shoulder, durable and that can go with all outfits, well most anyways.

    any recommendations? tia
  2. My suggestions: Anything in Suhali or Epi.

    Top 3 Suhali picks:
    -Le Fab

    Top 3 Epi picks:
    -Segur MM
    -Saint Jacques [discontinued]
  3. Suhali lockit GM would be my top pick - understated, elegant and has a zipper top closure.
  4. From the epi line: Mandara GM/MM (don't know if that's discontinued or not), large epi noe

    Suhali: Lockit GM

    Damier: Chelsea, Uzes, Saleya MM/GM, Hampstead MM/GM, Parioli...

    That's as much as I can think of...:shame:
  5. Vernis Amarante:
    -Summit Drive

    -SO Cabas Piano
    -Saleya MM
  6. Damier Saleya PM/MM
    Antigua Cabas MM/GM
  7. will these bags fit all the stuff i carry to and from work?
  8. love:heart::heart::heart: the suhali, but...it's abit too HE for work.
  9. I like the Epi Passy...it's such a gorgeous bag.
  10. I would go for the Saleya MM/GM. It is perfect for fitting all of the things that you need.
  11. Damier Hampstead MM - heaps of room and don't need to worry about dirt marks etc.:yes:
  12. what about an epi petite noe? i use my mono petite noe practically every day and i carry a lot of crap with me lol
  13. I really like the Suhal Lockit MM for work. Tee hee.
  14. Suhali Lockit is gorgeous and fits a ton. Also I love the red epi passy.
  15. Saleya MM