What's a good work bag?

  1. I currently carry a Loro Piana Medium globe bag, which I love, mainly because the leather is sturdy, and it's big enough to fit my makeup bag, wallets, cell phone, various papers, etc.

    However, it's so darn heavy to begin with, that by adding all the stuff inside, it's giving me some shoulder pains. I do try to lighten it up, but recently, the leather stitching is coming out from the handles, and is ripping, so I'm going to have to get it fixed. In the meantime, I'm looking for a alternate one, so that I can switch off. Any recommendations for a large bag, in the price range of $600 to $1200, that is sturdy, yet fashionable for everyday work?

    Much thanks~
  2. i'm not a louis fan, but i'd say a speedy! say a speedy 30 or 35? i don't know what that means other than it's in your price range and they're cute!

    or how bout a tod's?

    i'm going to find ones i deem cute and post links!
  3. Tod's i'd LOVE TO OWN and are in your pricerange and look like good work bags:


    a bit higher then your financial allowance... i just REALLY want thissss... :drool:






    Another on the "i wish" list:


    another bag that is on the I WANT THIS list, but is currently out of stock:

    Tod's Carey Media

    hope that helps!~
  4. There have been some good threads on this lately. See below. You'll also find more threads by searching for "work" "office" "laptop" or "tote" (even if you don't want a laptop tote!)

    Here's one thread where I posted about two -- with pics -- that I think would be great -- the Botkier Sasha Duffle ($600) and the Belen Echandia "Take Me Anywhere" ($700)-- : http://forum.purseblog.com/handbags-and-purses/office-bag-any-advice-114658.html
  5. I love my black Tod's Moccasino. Very stylish and practical, with compartments, zippers, pockets. And light! (Sorry, I don't know how to post pix yet.)
  6. P.S. I'm sorry to hear the Loro Piana Medium Globe is so darn heavy...I was considering one...but I don't think so anymore. Thanks for the heads up.
    How about a Mulberry Bayswater? Very stylish and not too heavy...
  7. I've just ordered a Tabitha Quinny as a work bag but i haven't as yet seen one in real life but if it interests you I can let you know what it's like when it arrives!


    UK designer but they ship to USA.
  8. a coach gallery tote is fantstic for work!
    it fits a crapload while being lightweight and you are able to see most of everything that is in there. it fits on yourshoulder very well also.
  9. LV Passy - recommended to me a while ago by a lovely TPF member and it has just been amazing. I'd definitely recommend looking at it . . .
  10. I second that

  11. It is roomy!
  12. I have a Coach business tote and it's great. Big enough, light and pebbled leather that's very easy to maintain.
  13. Thanks so much ViciousBliss! However, 9/10 bags you suggested on eluxury were sold out when I clicked on the links. Also, I forgot to mention that I prefer should bags since I'm really not used to wrist bags.