What's a good wallet/clutch?

  1. I'm wondering if anyone who has the monogram accordeon wallet can give me some advise. I'm looking for a monogram wallet that doubles as a clutch. I was eyeing the accordeon on eluxury, and I liked it because it has a detachable wrist strap and compartments for coins/cards/etc. I was wondering if it can also fit a small cell phone (mine's about an inch thick), house keys, etc.

    I'd also appreciate info on other similar pieces if you have any...as well as info on what you can put in it.
  2. I believe Karman has pics of her accordeon wallet in the visual aids. It's a great piece!
  3. hmmm. porte tresor!!!
  4. PTI is my vote. I'm tempted to buy one in Suhali to use as a clutch.
  5. French purse all the way!
  6. I think the mono shirley is cute... but not really a wallet

    what about a pomme vernis zippy?
  7. Thanks for all the advise! I was looking at the zippy and some others at the LV boutique near my house, but I think I'd like a wallet that also could double as a clutch and could fit my phone and a few other items. The accordeon looked like something that could expand to fit my phone, unfortunately they didn't have it at the boutique and I wasn't able to check it out.
  8. what's the mono shirley? do you have a pic?:confused1:

    and I vote for mono wapity!!! you can use it as a small wallet and a purse
  9. I have a Pochette Wallet. I love my Wallet. I use it as a clutch at times on its own. I just got it in January. And I just enjoy using my Wallet. :love:

    The wallet your admiring is a beautiful wallet as well. Here's a picture of my wallet. You might like it. ;) It is a tough decision to decide on a wallet. I'm happy with my wallet. It has the 10 card holders. Love the change area. Love the Bill Compartment area. :love:
    pochette_wallet_front_2.jpg pochette_wallet_pearl_2.jpg pochette_wallet_front.jpg
  10. Yup ..... Agree :love:
  11. Nice change... I wish my pti was like that but i have the older version.The new ones have 10 c/c slots.:yes: