What's a good % to deduct from combined shipping?

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  1. They can be packed in the same package together, so I just minus the packing?
  2. It completely varies on what it is. I sell a lot of fairly light items so will have a $2 charge for every additional item to offset eBay and paypal fees. A lot of people charge regular shipping for one item and then half that again for additional items. Just depends on what you're selling and how much actual shipping for all items combined comes to.

    I don't base mine on a percentage discount.
  3. hmmm, good question .... if I can just send them together without having to pay more for the 1st package, I'll throw in the second item for free
  4. I usually charge half for the second item.
  5. Okay, thanks girls :smile: I'll do the whole, 1+1/2 thing :smile:
  6. If the second item doesn't add much more weight to the package, I usually just add the additional insurance amount only.
  7. I just charge the one shipping fee- if the additional items don't increase the package weight to the next weight class, if the weight is increased I charge the addition fee- whatever it is .50 1.00 etc.
    For expensive items I charge the additional insurance cost.
  8. I say pay highest price shipping, then half price for any additional items, but the buyer pays full insurance on all items.

    But, I also have in all of my listings that I reserve the right to not combine shipping (I've never had to do this, but just in case). I also say that they MUST contact me to let me know they are bidding on multiple things and want to combine, and then not pay for anything until they are done bidding and I will send a combined invoice.

    Hope this helps!