What's a good sweater to wear over loose/slouchy tops?

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  1. I have a bunch of loose slouchy tops, like they're drapey looking and and many are off the shoulder tops. I have no clue what to wear for a sweater over these.
    What the heck goes with them? It's kind of hard to pair too because the under arm area is usually bat-winged on these kind of tops so it gets all bunched up even with just a jacket. So because of that I don't usually wear them when it gets too cold out... but I've accumulated a lot of them and really don't want to have to not wear them due to lack of sweater.
    I also feel like the drapey-ness is too much for a sweater, like the styles clash (looks that way on me at least)

    Let me know what you think!

    Here's a google link of a bunch of examples of the type of shirt that I mean:

  2. Cardigan? Preferably lose as well :yes:
  3. A cape style jacket or sweater
  4. Oversized sweater is best.
  5. yep, a loose cardi is good