What's a good soft, smooshy everyday bag?

  1. Looking for a medium-sized (not huge!) bag for everyday use with shoulder straps that is soft, smooshy leather...any ideas on brand/style?
  2. How about the Linea Pelle Piper Speedy

    (http//www.lpcollection.com) ....


    Piper Speedy Colors: Black, Orange, Brown
    This bag is perfect for running errands or a long day of shopping with friends.
    Enjoy the softness of this bag everyday!
    Available colors: Black, Sherry Orange, Taupe Brown.
    • Washed Italian lambskin.
    • Leather covered hardware.
    • Brass hardware.
    • Removable adjustable leather shoulder strap.
    • Inside zip pocket & inside utility pockets.
    • 12" drop.
    • 14 inch zipper opening.
    • 14 1/2" L x 10" H x 6 1/2" D.
    • Includes LP signature dust bag.
  3. yeah LP is some seriously smooshy leather :smile: I second one of their bags!
  4. u must have read my mind...I have been looking at that exact one online for the past 2 days! Do either of u own one?

    The sherry is sold out everywhere, but the black one is avail at the LP site. Just wondering on people's opinions on it? Is the brand good quality?
  5. How about the Marc by Marc Jacobs Dr. Q. Groovee Satchel? It has one long removable strap, not sure if that's what's you're looking for...
  6. I don't have a dylan but I have a Sierra messenger. It's the squishiest and softest leather bag i own. i'm definitely in the market for another one :smile: Actually i wouldn't mind a dylan lol!
  7. I think IMO that Marc by Marc Jacobs, Hayden Harnett, Bulga, Botkier, LP ALL have the smooshiest supplest butteryest (I dont even know if those words exist Hahaha) leathers I have ever touched, owned, in my whole life!! Any of those brands would be good=)
  8. I am seriously liking this bag - does anybody have one? Is it very heavy? Are the outside pockets functional?

  9. Botkier!!!! See my Botkier Bryant thread....the leather is soft and SOOOOOOO smoooooooooooshy!!!!

  10. I thought everyone immediately would yell "BOTKIER!"

    But yes, check out some Botkier. hehe.
  11. Smooshy? Check out Bulga, Linea Pelle, Be&D. All have websites.
  12. Good suggestion so far!! I have never heard of linea pelle, but they do make very nice bags, I am going to look into that brand further!!
  13. ^^I just looked at their handbags, and I love the Dylan and Lola!! The leather does look really soft and both bags seem to be very practical and perfect for an everyday bag!
    Let us know what you decide on!
  14. Check out these brands...
    -Gustto, particularly the Cala
    -Rebecca Minkoff, the Matinee (but not in Elephant)
    -and anything from Botkier!
  15. Gustto is the smooshiest!!!