Whats a good shoulder bag for trips?

  1. I am looking for something that is not too big or small. Big enough to fit a pair of sunglasses, a wallet, a digital camera and lipgloss/small compact powder. So far I have my eyes on the black mc eliza. Is there any other shoulder bag that you would recommend? Thank you all!!:tender:
  2. Monogram Coussin GM, or popincourt haut :smile:
  3. The Eliza might be a little bit small, if you want an MC bag I'd look at the Lodge GM:

    Or the Boulogne:
  4. I love the popincourt haut, I think it is the perfect sized shoulder bag.
  5. if you are looking at the MC line, then with the aurelia or boulogne. I have both and them, perfect smallish shoulder bag. Or how about denim baggy pm.
  6. i like the aurelia mm,is that the one you have? it looks kind of big, do you have pics that i can see?:p
  7. my fav is the classic samur! the strap works long and if u double it- short! two sides! its perfect! (imo)
  8. I use my damier ipanema PM for traveling since you can wear it messenger style.
  9. how about the bagtinolles horizontal?
  10. I think the aurelia mm may be a bit big...i'd say go for the lodge pm in white if you want mc. Otherwise the denim baggy pm is super comfortable!
  11. I got the Damier Salsa, as I wanted a hands free bag for when I'm travelling. Can get my sunglasses (without hard case) purse, travel book, digi camera, make up, and small umbrella, plus passport and docs in there no probs!

    Having said that, I do love the MC bags though, especially the Lodge....

    Good luck!

  12. I think the baggy pm or gm are a great choice:tup:
  13. I would consider a Noe.
  14. I'd say popincourt haute - it's cute and functional as well!
  15. I have the black aureilla mm and love it...also my tulum pm and PH are great...not too big or small...my LH is my big bag....look through the clubhouse mc thread I have a pic of my aureilla mm on there...also under the PH thread and the tulum thread I have pics...compare them all to decide what is the best size for you...