What's a good sale price for a new Paddy satchel?

  1. I know the price varies acc. to size, but I'm just curious as to what a good sale price is for a new one. Thanks!

    Please post Paddy deals! I'm going paddy crazy!:nuts:
  2. Best sale price recently was about $620 at Nordstroms. Before that the best I'd seen was about $900.
  3. i got mine recently at Nordies on sale for $609...
  4. vintagelove! what a great deal. I would love one or two or three at that price! congrats on a great find.
  5. yes that is a great price. Nordstrom heavily discounted their Chloes this summer, so I was able to get a few for the price of one! 614.00- 649.00 for the medium satchels and the front pocket paddy. Definitely spent more than I thought I would because of the great deals:busted
  6. chloebagfreak... we need to shop together, please? i want a paddy at that price too!
  7. Yeah, take me with you!!
  8. Don't forget me! I want a paddy at the price too!
  9. PLs. pls. me too! I'm looking for a medium paddington satchel at that kind of discounted price.
  10. my friend bought one from Neiman Marcus for $1100 and she thought she got a great deal...
  11. I got my medium paddie from Nordstrom for 60% off and paid $609. I found a great SA at the Bellevue, WA store and asked her to call me if she found one and I lucked out a few weeks later. I hope they have another great sale this season.