what's a good price to sell the kooba sloane in bark?

  1. i just recently bought a kooba sloane in bark. it was really an impulsive buy and now i'm thinking of selling it back on eBay. i'm not sure how sales are on eBay during the summer but how much should i sell the bag for? i bought it for $180 so i'm not even looking for a profit here. i just want to get rid of it asap so i can fund other purchase i have made...thanks in advance!

    oh yea, the bag was purchased by the original owner at a sample sale so the inner lining has been cut and the bag doesn't come with a dustbag either. with that said, i never carried the bag out and neither has the original owner. it's as good as new, just without tags.

    so how much do you think this baby can sell? :biggrin:
  2. I'm sure you've already found a buyer for this bag, but its exactly what I'm looking for. Any ideas on where I can find the Sloane in bark these days? My internet search hasn't come up with anything!
  3. They had these at Off 5th recently...I think most of them are gone from san diego store but maybe another Off 5th? (they were around $2-300 depending on what coupon was running)