Whats a good price on Pre loved mono Neverful MM gently used

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  1. Hi I was just curious what would be considered a good price on a pre loved mono Neverful MM old style? I would go with a gently used one. I kick myself for not getting one and now I'm on the hunt.......
  2. oh...I want to know too.....=)
  3. Have you called customer service to have them track one down for you? I got mine about 4 weeks ago and there was just under 200 left in the company
  4. 550-600 for "gently used" and 700-800 for "like new". those are the selling prices from ebay.
  5. Mine was 829 and it was almost new imo
  6. I never even thought of that... Thank you I will try !
  7. Thanks!
  8. Thank you!
  9. I would say about 20-25% off from the retail price :smile: