What's a good price for this used LV? Post here to find out!

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  1. So here's a thread for all of us who have no idea what an LV bag is worth NOW. So if you have a bag and would like to know how much you can get from it, we can help each other to set a good price. Also if you are looking to buy one and wondering if the price is to run from. lol

    Here's my first bag. I'm thinking about selling my Onatah PM Mais. I still have everything that came with it and didn't even used it. (exept for one ocassion when I went to a Bag show at the LV Boutique)

    What you think is a good starting price? :confused1:
    PA121645.JPG PA121669.JPG PA121674.JPG PA121670.JPG
  2. :shrugs:
  3. 300$ is a good starting price.....it should sell for 600$-800$ or more....depends really
  4. Yes, the bad thing is that I have seen already fakes on eBay go for $500. Makes me mad. I'm thinking about keeping it a little bit longer because it is limited and maybe the pricce will go up. :hrmm:
  5. Onatah fakes?

    OMG why dont they make fake toilet paper while they are there.....:censor:
  6. I know they have fake toilet paper holder, saw it in a flea market :roflmfao:
  7. The best indicator of the "market price" on eBay is to do a search for completed auctions that are similar. You could also check current auctions by reputable sellers to see if they have anything similar.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.