What's a good price for the Maldives?

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  1. I thought I got a deal on one for $111 last week, but now with 50% off, they're $92. Has anyone ever seen them get cheaper than that? I love the smoke blue color!
  2. I've never seen then for half-off before today -- I think you got a good price! I love the smoke blue as well, but am eyeing the black/chocolate for it's wearability and ability to hide dirt/stains.
  3. Yeah I was eyeing the chocolate too but it says its backordered
  4. I :heart: my black one. I got it for $85 at the SF Sample sale. It is an awesome bag. I have used it a bunch of times already and I'm so glad I have it. I realized that it can be a true carryon or overnighter that actually fits enough stuff in it. I'm a packing overachiever... The strap is really cool and I love how the sides are adjustable to pull it down. Definitely a lovely travel bag and well worth the money.
  5. Ok guys, i do need new luggage so...smoke blue or chocolate??
  6. Do you wear more brown or black? The smoke blue is an amazing color and has black trim.
  7. It's a great bag and I get a lot of use out of mine. I think they were $65 at active endeavors, but I would have paid $100. I've never seen them cheaper than $92 on here (hh site). Oh and I have smoke blue. It's gorgeous, although I guess my pref would have been the khaki/luggage.
  8. Ok, I pulled the trigger! I actually went for red, it just called to me!
  9. I just bought a bowery clutch from a TPFer, so I think it's no on the maldives for me right now...I've gone from 0 HH to 5 HH items in the span of less than a week and I think I need to SLOW DOWN!
  10. For clarity, bought from a TPFer on an auction site (making sure we're in the rules here...)