What's a good price for a rouge vif first?

  1. Hi girls! I'm hunting for my first bbag, and I have seen you girls wearing your rouge vif bbags in "pics with you wearing your bbags", I fell in love with this color!:love:
    I'm quite short, so I think I'd go for a first rather than a city...so my question is what is a good price for a rouge vif first in new or gently used condition? So I can have a reference when I'm looking for deals...:smile:

    If you have any suggestions for a first bbag, please do share! :yes:
    Many thanks in advance! Have nice holidays, everyone! :smile:
  2. Well, retail is $995 USD. Anything in that price range +/- $100 would be fair. :yes:
  3. I agree with murasaki, for me, I'd pay anything less than or equal to $995.
    I have the Rouge Vif City and totally recommend the color - it's STUNNING!!
  4. Thank you girls for your quick reply...:smile: Now I'll start my hunting.....:yes:
  5. I'd suggest calling or emailing aloha rag. I think they still have a new rouge vif first at retail, no sales tax or shipping to the us....
  6. Most reds don't sell below retail unless it's an unpopular style like the Courier, Shrug, Box, or even the Day (although it's gaining popularity now).

    Good Luck!
  7. I still think the best bags for you size is a First, Box, Twiggy, or Shrug =)
  8. Thank you Liz!!! I think I'll get a first at this time since they can been used for going out and shopping etc...and then maybe a shrug or day, depending on the deal I find, for going to uni....:yes:

    Btw, which hermès do you have in mail????? I'm so excited for you! You will have such a nice collection of bags......:drool:

  9. i live in Belgium (Europe).... :crybaby: I prefer buying from Europe to avoid custom charge, a bag at this price will cost me an arm and a leg of custom ....:wtf:
  10. Aloha Rag actually declares a lower value when shipping internationally.
  11. Aloha Rags is awesome. Super friendly SA's too. Email them for a current stock list.

    I'm convinced Hawaiians are the nicest people on Earth :party: