What's a good price for a rouge vif first?

Hi girls! I'm hunting for my first bbag, and I have seen you girls wearing your rouge vif bbags in "pics with you wearing your bbags", I fell in love with this color!:love:
I'm quite short, so I think I'd go for a first rather than a city...so my question is what is a good price for a rouge vif first in new or gently used condition? So I can have a reference when I'm looking for deals...:smile:

If you have any suggestions for a first bbag, please do share! :yes:
Many thanks in advance! Have nice holidays, everyone! :smile:
Thank you Liz!!! I think I'll get a first at this time since they can been used for going out and shopping etc...and then maybe a shrug or day, depending on the deal I find, for going to uni....:yes:

Btw, which hermès do you have in mail????? I'm so excited for you! You will have such a nice collection of bags......:drool: