what's a good price for a mint bayswater (?)

  1. i'm a newbie & need some advice :tender:
  2. ^^ is $800 USD for a 2-toned tooled okay (?) :shrugs:
  3. i think this is a little high. I have seen them for 346 pounds in the outlet new. I am on phone so can't see where you are based but i am sure it is the us and i know they are not as readily available. It is not a bad price and some of the tooled ones are beautiful
  4. I'd look for one on eBay UK site, this is kind of high. I got my pink Bayswater for less than $500.
  5. ^^ hmmmmmmmm, thanks Rachel, maybe i should wait then (?) :confused1:...i live in nyc & would love to find one on sale if i could...the one i've found is on an online auction site (not e-bay) & is pre-owned, but in excellent condition...where do you think i could find either a new tooled or a patchwork on sale (?) :heart:
  6. get it checked out here to make sure its genuine , there are fakes going around .

  7. Ooh I am not sure - there are a few on eBay (uk) and they would still be cheaper, I know a while a go people were able to get mulberry quite cheap from off Saks but I am not sure if they still stock them, hopefully someone from nyc will chime in.

    Good luck though - its a fabulous bag:love: