what's a good price for a Medium Fendi B Bag that was retail 1800$

  1. Hi,

    I'm usually in the MJ forum and want to sell my Fendi B Bag in black but I dunno what a good price is. I'm trying to know what I can expect to get for it. It's Definetely authentic, but I don't have the Cards, though I have a dustbag....It's used but is in excellent condition.

    I'm lost and need help.

    Please give me any advice you can.

  2. you can check out the eBay past sales, but I would ballpark (I assume this is black nappa/black patent?) between $660 - $1100 depending on condition ( I know this because I just priced one.) Probably less if it is not the Nappa Leather B Bag. :yes:
  3. it's a nappa leather bag, not the patent....thanks for your help baglady
  4. You don't have the cards. Do you have the receipts?