what's a good place to pierce ear

  1. Hi,

    I wonder what's a good place to pierce ear? I did it once ten years ago and was not happy with the results. Both sides are not symmetrical.

  2. When they do it, they should mark your ears. Then you tell them if you like where they are lined up. The lobes are the only places where I have holes. I have 2 in each ear.
  3. do you where physically?
    Or where to go to have it done?
  4. Hmm, good question Swanky. I didn't think of it that way. If you mean where. I've gotten it done at Claires and some kiosk jewelry store in the mall. I had to get my 2nd hole repierced because I let it close up.
  5. i think it really depends on your style.

    if you're classic....one hole smack dab in the middle of your lobe. have them mark both sides, and compare.

    if you're feeling trendy: i *love* helix spirals. it's multiple piercings techically, but joined by a spirally bar. industrials are also very nice. i would do one of those if multiple ear piercings were my style.

    (1st attachment: industrial. 2nd attachment: helix spiral.)
    industrial1.jpg helix spiral 1.jpg
  6. i have one hole in each lobe in the middle (my granny took me when i was like 7 or 8 months old ---she thought i looked like a boy haha). i also have a cartilage piercing (a little hoop) and a tragus piercing (a little hoop).
  7. Please get it done at a tattoo/piercing shop. They will use a needle not a gun (Which has pierced who knows how many others ears) & I can almost guarantee you, your holes will be perfectly even.
  8. Thanks girls. That's my question, where can I find a good piercing shop? Any names?

  9. ^^^ depends on where you live. I get my stuff done at Andromeda in the village (NYC) or at Modern Age in Nanuet, NY
  10. I got mine done at Claire's (a girl's accessories shop) at the mall.
  11. ^ My friend got hers done there, took care of them and used the rubbing alchohol and one of her ears got really red and she couldn't put the earring back in-- but then she got it in finally

    I got mine done at a jewelry store...very nice owners...everything they used was sterilized (spelling??) and they're fine..so maybe you should check out jewelry stores in your area..
  12. I got my ears done in Claires. My belly button got done in a proper piercing place.
  13. I got my first earrings done at a jeweler in HK when i was 7-8 - and they're perfectly symmetrical (guys at jewelers are quite pros since they deal with jewelery every day!)

    and then for my mid ear, upper ear i just went to a local chemist/pharmacy - no probs either (well couldnt' guarantee they were "aligned", since i have 3 other holes apart from my two bottom ones).
  14. Absolutely!!! That's where I had my second piercing done. Plus, tattoo shops operate under Dept. of Health regulations, so you know it's safe.

    Those places in the mall? Uh, NO WAY!!!:wtf:
  15. I have an industrial on my left. I love it! It's something a little different.