What's a good "mommy" jean?

  1. I want to get my mom new jeans. She's got Gap classic jeans with tapered legs!! :wtf: Of course it doesn't help that she's petite so it makes her look shorter.

    Any suggestions on non tapered, non - lowrise jeans with stretch in them?

    TIA~~ :flowers:
  2. try Pure Color...oprah swears by them!! I saw them on one of her favorite things show...and so I bought a few pairs...(Im not a mom) BUT they look awesome and and are very in stlye...they just fit a woman....not a stick figure with no curves. I was a 14 a few months ago and I loved them...Im a 8 now and I bought more...they rock.
  3. Sunshine, where can I get Pure Color? I think that is something my mom would like! :roflmfao:
  4. purecolorjeans.com I bought mine online!
  5. Sunshine, are these low waisted? My mom is older - she's 75, and from the pictures the jeans look low waisted, I'm not sure if that style will look good on her.