What's a good LV bag to wear across the body, besides Cancun?

  1. I'm still debating whether to get the Cancun, as it is small, but nice to carry the (bare) essentials, lol. I think the Bosphore would be too big for me. Thanks so much for your input!

    :yes: :flowers:
  2. A musette maybe?
  3. Tambourin, it's the perfect little bag for crossbody.

    And don't forget, for the bare minimum, the mini hl with the long strap is just soo cute !
  4. Monogram Viva Cite PM
    Damier Pochette Ipanema
  5. I wouldn't have thought of this before today... the RibeRa mini with a strap!!!!! IT's gorgeopus!!! I went with a friend today to LV and she bought that just because she wanted to wear it across her body. It's awesome... give it a thought!
  6. Trotteur...?

  7. Try the Monogram Drouot. It has a very long strap to go across body and holds a surprising amount of things. Very classic, pretty bag. I use it if I'm shopping somewhere (like Washington) where I might be a little worried about crime.
  8. Musette Salsa. i have one and it's a great bag. it can fit a lot, but yet not be too big :yes:
  9. Tulum GM
  10. Danube. It's very cute in the mini lin pattern
  11. I would SOOOO go for the Mussette.

    Its comfy and roomy. Promise.

    When i first bought the Mussette I wore it every single day. its so conveinent. Especially for shopping.
  12. how about the rift?
  13. The Damier Ipanema Pochette is good.

    If you want to go "vintage" you can consider a Sullivan PM; personally I like my bronze vernis Christie PM:
  14. ^^^ I also really like my bronze vernis Christie GM.

    I also have the Damier Tango -Long strap, it is great too. I also like the mono tango, but I don't have that one.
  15. tango!!! i have damier version....love it!!!:heart: