What's a good, lower end perfume?

I'm looking to try something a little less expensive.

I like more floral, rose and amber scents, or a little woodsy is okay too. But, not like bubble gum stuff, or too strong, like Juicy, I can't stand their perfume.

I like Euphoria by Calvin Klein, Falling in Love by Philosophy, and I really like Estee Lauder's new Sensuous Noir, which I might just end up getting unless anyone has any other suggestions.

Has anyone tried any good cheapy perfume lately?
Jan 28, 2007
Shakira came out with a new one that has gotten good reviews. I have not smelled it yet, but the price is about half that of other perfumes at department stores. It's called "S". Perhaps test it out if you happen to see it.

I'd also like to suggest checking TJ Maxx and Marshall's because they often have higher end perfumes sold at a discount. I've never had a problem purchasing these, they were always fresh and smelled fine (if not, just return it).


Oct 1, 2006
midnight fantasy by britney.

my sister has a ridiculous collection of perfumes (probably 50-70) and she wore this one day. i went in her room and thought it was her new creed or david yurman perfumes (both are pricey imho) and thought, oh great, i am going to be bonkers for this scent but never want to plunk down the money for it. it ended up being the latest britney perfume and can be found for about 20 bucks at many tj maxx/marshalls locations.

i am kind of a fragrance snob and primarily wear high end oils, killian, tom ford and occasionally flowerbomb (sick of how popular this is now that it's available at sephora) and some of the AP scents. that said, i think this particular britney perfume smells quite good.


Apr 9, 2009
There's this Mariah Carey perfume, I'd been yelling at my sister for picking this up, it wasn't her type at all, she kept saying: it smells real good. One day I was at Khol's and pretty bored, so I sprayed some Mariah Carey perfume on and, OMG, LOL, not joking, it smelled so good-I had to apologize to my sister later.


Prima Donna Assoluta
Oct 15, 2006
Monterrey, Mexico
I never used to like Perry Ellis's perfumes, but one of my coworkers asked me to buy it for her in my last trip to the States and I ended up getting one for myself. It's a simple, light, fresh floral and best of all, it was only $20.99! The perfume is called Perry Ellis 18; it's a metallic pink bottle.
Dec 18, 2007
Lily pulitzer perfumes are great.

You can get them for under $25 at marshalls and smaller gift sets for under $20 at costco. They are mostly citrus and floral scented and I think they smell delicious!


Oct 9, 2006
I don't like committing to big bottles of any scent. For "lower end"/less expensive, I would consider buying BPAL imps to sample various scents and then the larger size (I think the bottles are either 5ml or 10ml) of the ones I like. Trouble with BPAL for me is that many of the scents I have tried don't last much past lunch time on me and I lose patience with trying to find one that does last.
Jan 22, 2008
I still love Abercrombie & Fitch classic. I know I am a grown adult and I feel so awkward everytime I go and buy it but I am sensitive to smells and get headaches from 75% of perfumes and just love this one!