What's a good long strap purse exclusively for daytime?

  1. my first option is Shirley, but too many ladies its better for evening/..
  2. What about the Popincourt Long? Or a Musette with a long strap?
  3. I have a St. Cloud. I do not know if they still make this style but you might want to check. Let me see if I can get a pic
  4. tambourin!
    i love mine.
    or how about the multicolore lodge gm?
  5. what about a bosophore? or navilglio? esp in azur.
  6. musette tango or salsa?
  7. MC Rift ;) It has a long strap. I have a MC Rift.
  8. it depends on what you plan on carrying. if you have a small wallet and just carry the essentials (wallet, cell, a lipstick) then you can try the tambourin. i have one and i use it when i dont want to carry a lot. i believe the st.cloud is bigger than the tambourin, or try the musette family.
  9. Viva-cité PM :smile: i think it's a very sweet bag
  10. Dhanura in epi has a long strap. I love mine.
  11. how much stuff do you carry?
  12. I like the new EPI clutch Montaigne. (small)
    or Denim baggy pm with a long strap (bigger)