What's a good fruity-flavored lipgloss?

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  1. Can be drug store or department store brand. I'm looking for something that just gives a little moisture, now that the weather is finally getting colder, and has a good taste.
  2. YSL Touche Brilliance is wonderful. I have it in sparkling nude (shade 8 I believe) and it's a great nude color with a surprising fruity flavor!
  3. Juicy tubes have great flavors and are pretty moisturizing. Or if you're looking at drugstore varieties - nothing beats lipsmackers! They have some really great flavors!
  4. Victoria's secret stuff tastes good - but they have a lot of shine/sparkle, I don't know if thats the kind of look that you're going for.

    But I second sparkles suggestion on lipsmackers - the strawberry watermelon is so yummy, and then there's my fave - Dr Pepper!
  5. I hadn't used the Lipsmackers in years. I may have to check them out again.
  6. ???? I found that pretty much all Bonne Belle products were only scented, not flavored. Particularly the Lip Smackers. I haven't used them for six year or so though...maybe they've changed their formula...?
    The Victoria's Secret lip glosses don't keep their flavor very long and aren't very strong (except for perhaps the mint one). I am always on the lookout for great flavored lipgloss and my current opinion is that Dessert in "Sunny" has the strongest and best flavor as well as scent. I do have a very old Bath & Body Works lip gloss pot that is pretty good as well, but I don't think all of their glosses are flavored.
  7. lipsmakers are my favorite drug store brand too!!! mmm, so yummy... philosophy has some yummy glosses too, the ones i have aren't sticky.
  8. i dont think any of my juicy tubes are flavored? i personally don't really like flavored lipgloss cuz the flavors are usually very artificial. i do think that my vs heidi makeup smelled quite good (chocolate).
  9. You're right... I just tasted my Juicy Tube in Coral Rush and blech it doesn't taste very good :yucky: The smell is wonderful though! It smells just like watermelon so, I think that's why I thought it tasted good (but now I know better!! LOL!) :lol:

    I tasted my Vanilla Frosting lipsmackers gloss too and it tastes sweet to me. WAY better than the juicy tube for sure!

    ETA - I can't believe I just "ate" lipgloss :roflmfao:
  10. My favorite fruity lip gloss is Liplicious in Peace Daiquiri from bath and body works. The color is very sheer, it isn't sticky and it tastes/smells delicious!
  11. bbw, lipsmackers, victoria secret beauty rush ones, and naturistics had this yummy watermelon and kiwi lime(have no idea if these are made anymore. I see them once in awhile at walmart or target)
  12. ITA with VS Beauty Rush (looove Spring Fling and Piece of Cake)! Also, the new Covergirl Wetslicks Fruit Spritzers glosses are cheap and 'taste' good, so do the Maybelline Shiny-Licious Glosses (especially Berry Bella!!). HTH!
  13. I use VS Beauty Rush and love it! It's a great product. What I like most about VS's lipgloss is that they have clear, tints, and shimmers in a lot of different colors. A lot of other brands seem to have a more limited selection of colors.
  14. Although not fruity, the mint Bigelow (in a green package) from Bath and Bodyworks is awesome! It is so refreshing and glossy and it's sort of like you just popped a mint.
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