What's a good flat iron?

  1. I need to finally get around to replacing mine. Does anyone have any suggestions? A low-ish price is deffinatly a requirement.
  2. I love metropolis! It has ceramic and tourmaline. It retails for 200 plus tax at ulta, but I got it on eBay for 75 shipped! So yay!
  3. I use the Sedu flat iron and I have no complaints! I love how the plates are aligned. Less snagging!!!
  4. I swear by my HAI. My mom bought me a CHI, but I don't like it as much so I left it at her house when I moved in with my dad.
  5. I had a Helen of Troy flat iron when I still lived in the states. It was great! Relatively cheap ($30 at Sally Beaty Supply) and it was very good on my fine hair.

    Now I have a Braun and it is also very good.

    Both were ceramic flat irons
  6. I have the T3, the slim version not sure what exactly its called but the brand has served me pretty well :smile:
  7. I use one called Sleeker. Bought it from HQhair. I have no complaints at all about it.
  8. Sedu! and yes, i have tried them all

    you can get it at Folica.com
  9. If you want great quality and something that will last a long time..save up a little. I have a chi turbo flat iron...cost me about 170 dollars...but well worth it I promise!!!
  10. My vote goes to the Chi as well. I find that the slimmer one works better for me (there's 2 sizes). I've also heard great things about the GHD ones and I'm dying to try mine but mum won't give it to me til I lose more weight lol. They're both in the 120-200 USD range.
  11. Thanks so much for the suggestions! I'll check these out online and take a trip to an Ulta this weekend :yes:
  12. do you guys find your irons damage your hair much?
  13. If you find they damage, just buy some of Matrix sleek flat iron spray or some similar spray-they make the iron glide over the hair as opposed to sticking and burning.
  14. I am also a Sedu fan. I love how it straightens my hair!
  15. I use a protective flat iron spray to reduce damage from flat ironing my hair...''Straight sexy hair''..you can find it at Ulta and Trade Secret.