What's a good first bag?

  1. I need to ease my DH into this H bag thing. :graucho:

    I'm getting an H scarf for my LV speedy (rep epi) and then getting a small H bag sometimes soon... something not too expensive so he won't totally freak, you know? Gotta work him up to the big purchases. :angel: I'm thinking maybe an evelyn? Or does anyone else have any suggestions of a nice "cheaper" bag?
  2. Garden party.. maybe...
  3. Are you particular about the style of bag? Like, do you prefer a tote, messanger, shoulder bag, etc?
  4. I have a lot of totes right now, so I'm leaning towards a messanger or shoulder bag. Or possibly something that could be used as a clutch, but I haven't really looked at those very much. Definately something smaller than the hug bags I usually carry.
  5. OK, you all know what I'm going to say...Evelyne PM! :yahoo: DH was going to get me a canvas Garden Party for about $1500 and then he saw that the Evelyne was $1675 and he thought hmmm Hermes leather for only a bit more...it's a bargain. ;) It's a great first bag but beware you will want more and more...and more! :flowers:
  6. An Evelyn would be a nice first bag but make sure whichever bag you get, fits your lifestyle AND your style. When I put the Evelyn on, I feel I look like an ageing college student....but that's just me and I'm almost 50 so....I'd probably go more for the GP or maybe a vintage Kelly. See what I mean?
  7. Lol!:lol:

    I agree, the Evelyne would be a great choice. I was looking at a PM one in rouge H in my store last weekend. Took a lot to resist and walk out without it!:sweatdrop:
  8. If you are leaning towards a shoulder bag there's also the Massai which can be worn on the shoulder or folded over and used as a (big) clutch. I think I want that one next. They are a bit more though.

    Serenity..the Evelyne is gorgeous in Rouge H!!! I had to tear myself away before I bought a second Evelyne when I saw that one. :sweatdrop:
  9. Evelyne is great, or a Jige Clutch. If you don't mind used, I'd recommend a Trim or Bolide 27 on ebay!
  10. so many choices!!!

    the bolide is my favorite bag... how much would a used bolide 27 typically run on ebay?

    I'm not familiar with the Massai at all, but it sounds interesting. Does anyone have a picture? About how much do those run?
  11. These are great recs and I just like to add that there are good used bags on e-bay for less that full price...and by posting the link in the "authenticate" thread on top of the board everyone can help make sure it's real!
  12. CB, I know! The red was just gorge!!! It was behind the glass shelf and I kept staring at it! I asked my SA and he said it doesn't have the pocket on the back. Don't all the new Evelynes now have that pocket and are called the Evelyne II or something like that? Or is that just another version, which means it still comes in the no-pocket style as well as the pocket-style?
  13. I think a Bolide would make a great bag for a first bag!!! It also get's you used to carrying a $5k bag!
  14. Serenity, judging by the ones they had in SF the PM had no pocket and the GM had the pocket. But I'm not sure if that's the way they all are? :shrugs:

    Choo, I think the Massais are upwards of $2600? The Jige clutches are upwards of $1900? From what I have seen. It depends on what leather is used. I always have a hard time figuring out prices. :shame: There are a few threads on the Massai that have pictures. :flowers:
  15. I feel you've been given great advice and wanted to second the suggestion of a Bolide. The smaller size 27 also comes with a strap now too ( the newer ones )