what's a good fall color that goes well with creams, browns, and camels?

  1. Hello!!! I was just wondering what is a good color that goes well with clothes that are creams, browns, and camels? I have a brand new ink twiggy (:yahoo: ) that I think would go beautifully with darker colors like black, navy, denim, etc. but was wondering what a good color would be for my lighter clothes.

    My first thought is the caramel color (inspired by Ttucker's gorgeous new twiggy and her pics!), but are there other colors that are not as neutral as the caramel?

  2. i think ink goes with all those colors you listed above, actually!
    but every gal needs a great red bag, like a grenat or rouge vif. i personally like deeper reds more so i like grenat and 05 bordeaux.
  3. hi jenniferrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yea, i was thinking about the bordeaux....
  4. Rouille! Cream, browns, camel, springy greens, black, grey - I wear mine with all of those! But it may be hard to find now, except I remember some posting that one of the stores (NM in San Fran???? Don't know for sure!) still had a table full of them!

    Where did you score your Ink Twiggy? Congratulations, so glad it is getting replaced!!!

    I wish you well,

  5. I would go with this seasons grenat
  6. didi, Barneys in beverly hills still had quite a few rouille as of last weekend.
    your PM inbox is full! did you get the ink??
  7. greens, navys, wines would all look nice with those
  8. Grenat or Sapin...
  9. Didi, I misread, you definitely stated FALL colour! I agree, the Grenat would be great, or the Sapin would look wonderful with creams and browns.

    I wish you well,

  10. any color, not just the new colors!!!!!

    jennifer, I haven't gotten my ink twiggy yet, maybe monday!

    i got my new ink twiggy from a PFer (hint above!)
  11. btw, given my recent situation, I can't afford to pay retail for another bag...so I'm thinking a used bag in an older color? rouille is GORGEOUS but probably too expensive for me.
  12. Hi, didi!:flowers: I think Grenat will look gorgeous with the colors you mentioned!:yes:
  13. If you specifically want a new fall color, then my choice for top 3 would be Grenat, Sapin and Rouge VIF. Please let us know what you decide!
  14. Whooooohooooo Didi!!! So glad you got a replacement Ink Twiggy, and from a super PFer too! :yahoo:

    And wow, am I flattered the camel inspired you!

    If you think Camel's too neutral (although I must say, after spending 24 hours with my new friend I loooooove it... it's like *buttah*) :love: I would also say go with a red family (bordeaux, or rouge maybe?) Or olive could be pretty too, IMO!
  15. didi .... I would suggest the fine 'older' colors the red/rouge, eggplant, marron, magenta, bordeaux !!! :yes: ;) :love: