whats a good eye cream!??!

  1. to prevent lines, soften lines, puffiness, circles,,,,I think i used this thing called DermaGlow...it worked really well but 50 dollar a pop!!
  2. to prevent I use Clinique All about Eyes takes away puffiness and circles and prevents wrinkles
  3. is it expensive?? does it give you those little cist/cyst (sp?)
  4. Kinerase is awesome!!
  5. I love Keihl's avocado eye cream....I have been using it for about 3 years!
  6. I use a Dermalogica for the day (it has SPF 15) and at night I use Babor sensational eyes.
  7. i have been using La Mer eye cream and love it.
  8. I am using Bobbi Brown's eye cream. It is a really good product.
  9. Me too! I use the eye balm every night and I really like it.
  10. i was going to ask the same question!! you beat me to it.
    i really don't use anything. im not too concerned about wrinkles and puffiness but i really wished those circles would just go away! any suggestions pls!!!!
  11. Chanel 'rectifiance' (I don't think that is spelled right) cream is really good!! I use Bobbi Brown eye balm (kinda thick) at night and the Chanel cream for daytime. I had fine lines and dryness under my eyes - even though I have oily skin!! After using these two for about a month-- I'm looking like my old self again!
  12. I like Strivectin a lot. I once used another eye cream that seemed to GIVE me wrinkles by my eyes that I never had. I bought Strivectin right away and it reversed the wrinkles and so far, so good.
  13. I use Hylexin...a tad bit expensive---but I really like it.
  14. RozzieJ, Does the Hylexin really remove circles and wrinkles. I see the ad in magazines but never knew anyone who used it (to see results).
  15. I've heard about hylexin.....do you notice a dramatic difference??