What's a good deal on a Kooba Annie? And where?

  1. Bluefly has them for $375? Is that a good deal?
  2. It's okay. The Annie has never had much demand compared to the other Koobas that came out during the same season. You'll definitely find it cheaper on eBay, and could probably save yourself $100 or so.
  3. Thanks! I know they are completely different, but is the Paige a "hotter" bag in terms of popularity?
  4. I think so. You see a lot of Annie's at Neiman Marcus Last Call. They are like $370ish and then you can get 20% off. I like the Paige and have 2, but they are kind of heavy?
  5. The Paige has been more popular around here than the Annie, from what I recall. Are you thinking of getting the Paige instead?
  6. I have the Annie in Oak and I love it (of course I found like everyone else that long hair does get stuck in the strap!) but it is a great bag-I lucked out and got it from MN online for $219! I love the Paige too but I have yet to get my hands on one...there are a couple on eBay now but the ones on Bluefly are a good deal too.
  7. Yes, I like the Paige, but I also like the messenger style of the Annie, since I mostly have shoulder bags...
  8. I have two Annies listed on ebay one Oak & one black for $315 each. I purchased them directly from the Kooba Showroom in L.A. I think the Bluefly price is too high.

    I sold all of my Paiges. The Paiges were HOT, but a little heavy. I love the Annies. I kept one Oak one for myself.
  9. Bagatella- did you ever get your Annie bag??