What's a good college graduation gift??

  1. Under $100 or $200 ??????????? Thanks :smile::smile: Something real nice that they'll always have and use!!
  2. Maybe a gift certificate to Ikea for some apartment or home shopping.
    When I graduated I needed everything- sheets, bedding, kitchen items, etc.
  3. Male or female? I got our neice a sterling Tiffany cross for her graduation. She graduated from a Christian college so she loved it.
  4. a nice waterman pen set, or montblanc, if they make them in that range...not sure...I got mine as gift years ago, and they are ALWAYS with me...can't imagine writing with anything else....
  5. For Men:
    Business card holder, cuff links, tie bar, sterling belt buckle (monogram with initials...you buy the straps separate), tie pin (some men like these)...all of these are also at Tiffanys, nice wallet, designer tie, designer belt

    For Women:
    Leather Agenda, Majorica pearl necklace or earrings (excellent fakes), credit card case, nice pen (brand depends on amount you want to spend), cashmere cardigan or sweater, scarf (if that may suit her style), something from Tiffanys in sterling silver

    Some ideas
  6. Tiffany's sterling bracelets are lovely and some are in that price range.

    You could get pearl earrings for that price too (if you didn't want to go the high quality fake route).
  7. i think a GC to bed bath & beyond or ikea would be nice. or a bag ;).
  8. For my college graduation, once of the nicest gifts I received, was a beautiful jewelry box (really large). My boyfriend's parents gave it to me since they knew how much I loved jewelry, and was just keeping everything in a travel pouch.
  9. it's for a girl...maybe I'll check out tiffany's but keep the ideas coming for now. Anything handbag or related maybe in that price range?
  10. A designer wallet! You would use it every day
  11. I am going to a friend's daughter's graduation party tomorrow night and I bought her a Dooney & Bourke handbag (heart tote). They always tease me about my handbag obsession and wanted to get her her own nice handbag. I am not a big D & B fan, but I think it is age appropraite. My mother has always told me that you cannot give someone an empty purse, so I plan on putting $$$ in the pocket as well.
  12. Tiffany & Company has great gift ideas.
  13. Yea, I usually buy most present from Tiffany's too! :smile:

    I have a jewelry line coming out in a week or so, that is what I am giving my cousin for her graduation. I will PM you...
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