What's A Good Briefcase?

  1. I'm looking for a briefcase but don't know everything that's out there.

    I'd like it NOT to be Monogram because that's a bit too much. I would prefer something in Damier.

    Any input would be much appreciated!! :yes:
  2. Damier Altona GM is my DREAM DAMIER briefcase
  3. Awesome thanks!!
  4. The Vandam is gorgeous! But if you're looking for damier, the Chelsea would work nicely. The Robusto and Ambassador briefs in epi are nice too.
  5. I might be the only person who likes Sac Plats for breifcases. Epi or Damier only please!
  6. An Epi briefcase would look good.
  7. Well, I am a Sac Plat lover too! I carry one everyday to the office. And, yes, please, I do carry the monogram! It coordinates nicely with everything. Today she looked stunning with my Damier Speedy 25!
  8. I like the Robusto and Sac Plat.
  9. Cheap is such a horrible word!