What's a good bag for a present?

  1. Hello everyone. My sister-in-law's birthday is coming up and she sorely lacks in the purse department. She loves my collection, and I'd like to get her something really nice but not horrendously expensive. (I'm generous, but come on, there has to be some limit!) Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!
  2. whats your budget?

    and maybe, share a little something about your SIL?
  3. "Something Nice" can mean a lot of different things. Price limit would help. Also, is she a more conservative dresser or more trendy?
  4. I think "Im not a plastic bag" because its sought after, fashionable, cheap, fun and environmetally friendly
  5. My SIL is an interior decorator and chef. By something nice, I mean that she likes leather, something stylish, and something that retails up to $500, but on sale! As far as her outfits go, she's a little "out there"...a little eccentric.
  6. How about a Marc by Marc Jacobs purse? They're reasonably priced and stylish. Or an Anna Corinna? Rebecca Minkoff? They're are so many choices!:smile:
  7. Your sister-in-law loves your collection, so what bags do you have? This will give us an idea of what she might like to have as a present.
  8. ^^^:yes:
  9. Botkier Bella convertible clutch. Nifty little bag that can be used as a shoulder bag and as a wristlet
  10. What, no one's mentioned Hayden-Harnett?
  11. how about kooba ...their bags are stylish and individual
  12. how about kooba...their bags are stylish and individual:tup: