Whats a good bag for a guy?

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  1. hey guys i have a question i wanna get a new bag but im not sure wich lol so could you guys give some ideas on a good hermes for a "guy" and post pictures if any thanx!
    p.s. i don't think i would look right carrying a Birkin lol...
  2. Sure, but what are you planning to use it for?

    Travel? Work? Just to carry small accessories every day? Gives us a bit more information please. Help you will receive!
  3. Oh! What's that new bag that Specialist just got????? That one is GORGEOUS and if it's the right size, could be perfect for a guy!!!!
  4. Hey Latin,
    I was researching this too and there are a couple. For a grand, There is a messneger that's zippered on top and kinda the same material as Damier Geant. It's got two pockets in front and I've seen it in both orange and black. There's also the Buenaventura which is another, less structured, messenger. The Briefcases are amazing as are the travel bags.
    Hope this helps,
  5. i think i would use it for both work and every day and i would prefer for it to be in leather, thanx for the feed back guys!
    i guess i'll just have to take a trip to hermes and decide myself...
  6. 40cm Birkin!!!!!!!!! IN ROUGE
  7. omg don't tempt me!
    but do you know what the current price for a 40cm would be?:graucho:
    I would love one in black or tan in tobago:love:
  8. Hey Mr. Latin,

    We do have pics of many bags in a sticky up in the reference thread. They came from a catalog. You can see what catches your eye and ask questions after.

    Hey Baggs...where have you been?
  9. thanx:idea:
  10. I thinks the Porte Plume Document is what you are referring to S'Mom.
    It's here in this thread

    I think the Valparaiso is also a nice bag for a guy and - despite the name - the Evelyne which can be worn messenger-style.

    Oh and also - again despite the name - the HerBag.
  11. Well, I want to see pics of the latin male model!
  12. Actually, a haut a Courroies (HAC) in large size would look great on men. The handles are a tad shorter than a 40cm birkin and the body compartment is "taller".
  13. Wow, that's a GREAT bag! I wonder what it's called? The strap around it is devised from the stirrup leathers they use on their saddles, they also do a belt in this style, it is called 'Etriviers' (which is the french word for stirrup leathers).
    Great find!!!!
  14. I think any of the 32cm+ HAC would look great