What's a good alternative to a Chanel Jumbo?

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  1. My mom really wants a new bag, haha! But I haven't found anything I liked for her yet. In her Chanel collection, she already has this bag, the large Chanel Chevron Camera Case:

    I'm definitely getting her a Chanel Jumbo (SINGLE FLAP, because my mom likes lightweight bags, and the double flap is just too heavy for her). Does anyone know any other bag that fits about the same amount as the large camera case or jumbo but is also lightweight? The camera case was the only other lightweight bag I could find, it seems the larger the bag, the heavier... Can definitely be something from older collections.

    The deauville wouldn't work because it's open top; must be something with a flap or a zipper.
  2. Reissue in 226. Fits as much, if not more than the Jumbo, but is more lightweight and not as boxy.
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  3. The small coco handle fits about as much as a jumbo. I have both and the coco handle is much lighter due to the fabric lining (I didn’t get the exotic handle).
    Aimee Jo did a comparison here:

    You could also consider the coco handle tote or the timeless tote!
    I’ve been eyeing the timeless tote myself. Here’s a video by Emma Anders (she did multiple videos on them)
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  4. +1, another vote for Reissue 226, lighter than a Jumbo, can be worn crossbody and under the radar. Your mom’s camera bag is gorgeous by the way! :heart:
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  5. An interesting discussion! I’ll follow this thread I’m curious to know as well. I am looking for big lightweight bag and liking Chanel tote but open top is a big no no for me.

    Does 226 really fit more than jumbo? I have 226 and honestly am surprised jumbo doesn’t fit more. I have 227 too and it’s a good size for someone who likes to bring more. However, I found that it can be a tiny bit heavy although I found people commenting how light 227 is especially compare to jumbo.

    I would suggest 226 too. It is lightweight and give your mom variance to her camera bag. They are totally a different style. It has 3 way carry options and a versatile bag from day to night, casual to formal. I’d go with calfskin rather than distressed calf. Or the later if you want more casual or vintage look. Depending on your mom style too.

    Coco handle is also a good option. If she prefer CC locking and if her style is more feminine.
  6. If single flap, then you are buying pre-loved? If so look at an “In the Business” bag.
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  7. Jumbos are my favorite bags to carry by far! But when I am looking for good alternates, I go to reissue 226's and small coco handles. Both are great choices and timeless!
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  8. I've just found & ordered my mom a BRAND NEW single flap jumbo a few hours ago at a good price & reputable seller, very excited! But am still looking for another bag.

    AMAZING recommendation, asides from the fact that....... I forgot to mention that my mom already has a reissue 227 and it's her favorite bag. :doh:

    Love the style of the Coco handle, but both my mom and I agree that it's too heavy and the small size is bearable in weight but doesn't fit as much as she likes to carry. She also isn't a fan of the middle compartment of the bag! The timeless tote is beautiful but we need something with a flap or a zipper.

    My mom has the 227, so I can't confirm if the 226 fits more than the jumbo. Sounds like my mom has the same needs as you; lightweight with good size. The 227 is indeed lighter compared to the double flap jumbo, which is why I oredered my mom the single flap jumbo, to make up for the weight! Coco handle is on the heavy side when considering how much it fits relative to its size :sad:

    Thanks for the recommendation! https://www.spottedfashion.com/2012/05/01/chanel-in-the-business-flap-bag-reference-guide/ Found it! I'll be doing more research.
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  9. Nah - I’ve got both and the Jumbo fits more than the 226 :smile:
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  10. I have both as well :coolio: and find I can fit at least as much, if not more, into my 226 than my jumbo because the 226 is more pliable/not as boxy. Also, the 226 has less weight to it vs. the jumbo when filled. I guess it depends on exactly what you are carrying.
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  11. You had an excellent response to my post the other day about expected prices for the jumbo caviar single flap. Would you be willing to share where you located this same bag you just purchased and/or price? Completely understand if you'd prefer not. I feel clueless and naïve about searching for and buying this bag...
  12. Hello, am always happy to help! I found my mom her 13 series bag BRAND NEW from DearLuxe full set for $4200 all inclusive, a trusted instagram seller with a website. Imo a great deal for brand new, since many preloved sites have tax as well, but I paid via bank transfer so there weren't tax problems. Otherwise, I've had great luck on the Chanel Reetzy page in the past but since it's currently down, I post 'In search of' on the group 'A Place For Expensive Taste' here. If you're not already part of the group, you can request to join! Just make sure you state exactly what you're searching for and the budget. It's full of individual sellers, most are very trustworthy, and because it's individual sellers, prices will be lower (unlike ebay, there's tax, more fees etc).
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  13. A huge thanks for all this info! When I get some time I'll look into a few of these options. Good luck with the new bag and I really appreciate your time and help!
  14. Brand new single flap jumbo! Didn’t they stop making those Lin like 2010-2011? Confused.
  15. Believe the last year made was 2014.
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