What's a good 1st REAL bag?

  1. I have been doing collecting for a while, but mainly stuff like Coach, Cameron Nicole, Not Rational type bags. I want to start saving/researching my first REAL bag... ie, Chloe, Dior, Hermes... etc.
    I want something really classic that I can keep forever and it will never go out of style. Can you guys please give me some suggestions on good "starter" bags??

  2. lol an easy answer would be louis vuitton monogram speedy 25 or 30....it's classic and timeless, and many LV lovers start out with this iconic style...
  3. I agree. The LV speedy 25 was my first "real" bag. :yes:
  4. Vuitton Mono Speedy 30! It's a classic and NEVER goes out of style!!!
  5. Chanel!
  6. I agree with Iqaganda, I would go for Chanel too. A classic flap perhaps? That is what i have my eyeball on anyway!
  7. Lv Monogram Speedy30
  8. If you like
    Chloe I would go for the paddington or bay.
    Chanel: a classic flap in black
    Bottega Veneta: ball bag or veneta in ebano
    LV: Speedy 25 or Alma in mono or damier
    I'd pick the icon bag of the label you like the most.
  9. LV Speedy!
  10. hugely second that. this is the most classic bag, and it seems to be everyone's first highend bag. every girl deserves a speedy :smile:

    other than the speedy being timeless, i'd say get a hermes. everything else is just trend imo.
  11. how about Ysl?
  12. My first real bag was a LV Petit Noe. It got used alot, but was able to stand up to the beating. I did however get a Speedy 30 and I do like it better. It is definitely a great bag to have. I do not abuse it like I did Noe. The Noe is a bit heavy and large and it is one of those bags you turn and hit people with. The Speedy is so much easier to carry.
  13. I guess one thing I'm trying to figure out is what the "icon" bag is for all the designers. Speedy is the LV icon? Can you tell me the "icon" bags of some of the other designers? I haven't figured out yet which designer I like best mainly because I don't have access to any of them! We're moving to Honolulu in the fall and I'm hoping to be able to get something by then. Also, where do you guys shop for high end bags online?
    The Speedy looks like a good choice! I haven't looked at all the others yet. I know the Paddington has caught my eye before too!

  14. Don't knock your Coach bags, I'm sure they're lovely. But good for you for wanting to branch out into some of the other high end designers. You're going to find so many lovely handbags.

    The LV Speedy is probably the most iconic LV bag, and wonderful useful and durable.

    The Chanel classic flap comes in a multitude of colors and sizes to fit any need.

    The Chloe Paddy has become ubiquitous around most cities now, and also has tons of lovely colors for spring and fall.

    I'm not as familiar with YSL or Dior. But the YSL Muse has been big, and I love the Dior saddle style bags.

    Enjoy, I'm sure that you're going to find something that you adore and can't live without.
  15. eLuxury.com is a great online place to order, and it the only authorized LV dealer. Also, it has many of the designer bags (exception -Hermes, Chanel, Gucci and Balenciaga et al) I usually order from Bergdoff-Goodman if eLux doesn't have it, and I've had great service from them. Others can chime in on their favorite onlines- those are mine.