What's a girl to do?!

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Which Option

  1. XL Black Lily

  2. Grey Kira

  3. Coral Kristin


Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Right now I'm supposed to banned...yeah right. I think I have disease where I can't stop shopping...I live in the land of want and need...it's a beautiful place, but stressful...

    I am going to make a pretty big purchase within the next 4 or 5 days...I have the opportunity to grab one of three beautiful bags, all could be considered HG's. So please help me choose!! All of these bags are within a few hundred dollars of each other...so take that out of the equation because it doesn't make much difference either way...but the less I spend on the purse the more I have free to accessorize.

    1. XL Black Lily (used)

    1. Legacy line
    2. Highly sought after
    3. Amazing condition, reliable and wonderful seller
    4. Rare find

    1. Another black bag
    2. Most expensive meaning no accessories *right now*

    2. Grey Kira (the big one!)

    1. Probably my favorite bag ever released by Coach
    2. Rare find
    3. New with tag, reliable and wonderful seller
    4. I don't have a grey bag

    1. I have a Kira I haven't yet used
    2. I kind of find grey to bland...but not terribly so

    3. Coral Kristin Tote

    1. I own nothing from the Kristin line
    2. Portion of the proceeds going to charity
    3. Great summer bag
    4. Less money means more accessories

    1. I don't need another "pink" purse
    2. It's kind of the dark horse...meaning it hasn't been a want/need or even wish listed...I just happened upon it and thought "oh that's cute"

    5.Save my money for something down the road, buy accessories as needed or wanted, but no purse for the time being
  2. Kira in grey.
    Why? Because it's the only one on your 'dying to find' list below. Hold out for what u really want. Looks like u want the XL in another color, so hold out for that color.
    You seem to be good with your lists, you've given previous thought to it. Either that, or rethink ur list and see how u feel about ur changes. :smile:
    hope it helps!
  3. TOTALLY agree!
  4. Grey Kira :smile:
  5. Hi,
    You sound just like me!!! LOL I need to ban myself!!! I do say the XL Black Lily!!!! She is lovely!!! I have the smaller version!!! Love her!!! I know you will too!!! She isn't just another black bag!!!

    Lynne :biggrin:
  6. You guys aren't making this EASIER!!! AHHH!!! But, it does look like the Kristin is out of the running!
  7. i agree when it comes to xl lily, black, whisky, alantic.. any color will do. hopefully you could find one for a good condition/price. i know brahh got hers (it looks almost brand new) for about 600-700. this is one of my favorite bags, i'm lucky to have one, and use it often.

    same goes for the kristin tote. i loveee big bags, so this is a good everyday for me as well. my only beef is the button being scratched when i open and close the front compartment. the coral is a really pretty color

    the kira is actually my least favorite..but i guess that makes me in the minority here :P
  8. Keep the opinions coming...I'm not doing anything until Friday at the earliest!!
  9. if you have kira id gowith the xl lily!!!!! i just got mine last week from a tpfer and love her!!!! it is the best bag coach has ever made! im not a fan of the kristin line. i think you ought to get lily the atlantic is a one in a million chance of getting. theyre all hard to get but black is a bit easier than the rest so id get it while you can!
  10. I'm going to agree with others here. While I personally don't much care for Kira, but would give a limb for an XL Lily of any color.. you are looking at black, and like you said, you don't really need another black bag. So hold out for finding it later on in Atlantic. Go for the grey Kira! Only get what's truly on your wishlist, and in your heart.

    And.. as IF we would tell you to save your money! :roflmfao: WRONG CROWD! LOL!
  11. I say save your money!!
  12. I would go for the Lily. She's a gorgeous, classic bag that will probably become even harder to find with time. I have 2 in the smaller size & they are my all-time favorite bags. Good luck with your decision :smile:
  13. The Grey Kira because it sounds like it is your fave =)
  14. I think we need pics to compare proper!
  15. Just wanted to add, I know some are saying hold out for the Atlantic Lily, not sure if they realize it's nearly impossible to find. A couple showed up on ebay sometime last year in USED condition & if I remember correctly they sold at or well above retail price. Not saying it can't happen, but if you want a Lily black is a great "compromise" because it won't show dirt & you don't have to freak out if you get stuck out in the rain with it lol.

    Anyway all my Lily cheerleading aside, I do think the Kira is beautiful. I had the grey, but got rid of her because she wasn't practical for me (couldn't take the puddling)... I wish it had worked out though.