What's a girl to do??

  1. Ok everyone, for the past few weeks I've been lusting after a Mono Speedy 30...I finally decided that is what I wanted to get for my early Christmas present and was planning on getting it next weekend because I'm going down to Dallas to go shopping. Then I saw the Mono Denim Néo Cabby GM in black and :drool:...wow, I think I'm in LVoe! Now the Cabby is a hell of a lot more expensive than the Speedy, so that would probably equal my Christmas, birthday, and anything else I want to buy for at least 3 or 4 months...now this will be my first LV and I was wanting your opinions on what would be the best bet for my first. Should I go with the classic Speedy which was my first LV love and not have to cut up my debit card :graucho: or should I go with the Cabby, the one I'm infatuated with, and be on strict probation for a few months? I'm so torn! Also, do ya'll think they both could be carried as everyday bags? I know def. the Speedy could, but what about the Cabby? I need help ASAP!
  2. Get the Black neo Caby GM I think you would like it better since it's more subttle than the mono speedy and black goes with anything...
  3. If you're okay paying more than you're willing you may aswell go for the cabby.
  4. go with the speedy because its a classic! :smile:
  5. If it were me I would go for the Cabby. Only because after I got the speedy I would still be lusting and thinking about the cabby. You can always purchase the speedy 30 later.
  6. I would go for the speedy...more versatile, less of a "trendy" and of the moment bag...
  7. Ok so there's 2 votes for the Speedy...man I was hoping that it would be all for one or the other so it would be easier for me to decide! I don't mind spending more for the Cabby, because like I said, I will not be buying anything else for a while so it will even out. I think you're right Joann; if I end up getting the Speedy, my heart will still be with the Cabby...does this sound like a soap opera or what? :p Ahh I love both purses, but for some reason everytime I look at the Cabby I just WANT it right then! Luvednotspoiled I see where you go to school in Oklahoma. May I ask where you go? I went to OU for 3 semesters, but transferred closer to home because of a medical situation last semester...
  8. As much as I love the cabby, I would probably go for the mono speedy for my first bag. It will still be fashionable 10 years from now. Good Luck!!
  9. get the cabby.
  10. Get the cabby for now while you can because it is not as permanent as the speedy. Speedy is an icon for LV, they will never stop making it ... I hope. You can always get that later. :graucho:

  11. That's a good point :yes:
  12. Everyone is making good points! I see it from both sides and that does not help my situation! Maybe I should just flip a coin and that will be the end of it? And buy whichever one that doesn't get heads later? I'm afraid that it will be harder to find the Cabby later though...I mean the Speedy has been around for years and years and I doubt like SweetPurple that they will just suddenly up and quit making them. I don't know, maybe the Cabby will not be harder to find either. Decisions, decisions!
  13. I say you just go for the speedy for now. You can alwasy save up and get the neo later.
  14. I would get the Speedy first, that way you're not breaking your bank account and you can still afford to buy other things that you may want later...with the Cabby is sounds like you are spending way more than necessary, what if there's something that you want for Christmas? Won't be able to get it since you got the Cabby. Bans don't really work, and I think for your first LV you shouldn't have to go on a ban immediately afterwards...
  15. If you get the Speedy, then you will still want the Neo, go with the one you really want, you won't regret it. Then later if you still want the Speedy you can get it.