What's a girl to do... question about returns

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  1. I just figured out how to do a collage in Snapfish so I was a little excited.

    In the last month I bought all of the items below without the intention of keeping them all. I already decided the snaphead necklace was definitely going back, but I am on the fence about the items below. PARTICULARLY since I have my eye on a putty patent Gigi and a pleated Pink patent ergo (ordering today). I have always said I like the actual shopping and am not afraid of returns.

    So with this, I pose the following question to you, what should go back to Coachland?

    In particular, should I keep the natural bleecker tote, the Black one, or neither?
    I am leaning towards returning the two handletop pouches, but they are so cute! I don't need the larger bag and the small pouch in the same print.
    I like the slim tote ( a lot I think) but it actually doesn't fit on my shoulder like I THOUGHT it did at the Legacy boutique.
    The tattersall satchel is a lot like my Damier Speedy, but in such a fun color! I think the handles are growing on me, but a few people have posted about transfer issues.

    Opinions wanted... thanks in advance!


  2. Ok, you remind me of me, lol! Although usually I don't buy with the thoughts of returning the items (I wish I did!)...

    First of all let me say that since you "must have tattersall", then you certainly can't return the tattersall satchel! ;) I'm generally not a coated canvas person, but I love this one and the price is reasonable compared to most of them. I also have questions about this satchel because I will probably order one soon myself... Does this fit on your shoulder at all? I'm guessing no, but I thought I would ask. I'm assuming this is the same satchel as the corresponding Heritage?? Also, did you have any problems getting a bag where the plaid lines up on the side?? This is one of my biggest hesitations I have in regard to ordering one, but my stores don't have it...so no choice if I want it! I just don't want to go through multiple reorders and never be satisfied!

    As for transfer, to be honest, almost any bag will have that issue to some degree under the right conditions. If you can minimize use in humid or wet weather, or at least make sure the bag sits and doesn't rub a lot against your clothing, you probably won't have a problem. Also clean it off every time you see any transfer on it.

    Ok, back to your problem... I'm also glad to get the question about the Thompson slim tote answered. I was wondering if it fit on your shoulder, but I have to say as much as I LOVE this one (and I DO love it!), not sure I could stand carrying this type of bag as a tote??? I'm not sure! Other than that, that's my favorite other than your tattersall.

    I also have the Scribble, looks like same one, and that's one I do think about returning. I was hoping that getting all the matching accessories would make me change my mind, but I still have the urge. I'm not sure whether the reason is I know this one is a factory rerelease and not a retail bag, or it's because I find this Scribble a bit muted and boring...there's something I don't completely like, I think. But I do like the tote style, and this is so cute for summer. I would say it depends on what you need for your wardrobe.

    I much prefer the canvas Bleecker, but I don't care for the black one. I'm not too much of a black bag fan, though...I only have one Coach bag in black. I do like the tan, and I think this is a great neutral bag and hold up (less dirt overall) better than the Scribble. But does this fit on your shoulder?? Anyway, I would say return one of these unless you absolutely love them. Or keep both if you return the Scribble (since it's a summer bag too).

    The pouches... They are cute, but I don't care for them in general. They are too big to put in bags and a pain to carry IMO. If I need a tiny bag I use a swingpack instead. Or I would just carry a wristlet. I'm just not a huge pouch person, so I would probably take both of those back...or keep one of them. I like the holiday patchwork one the best, and I think it's a little easier to use that year round if you want, since there are lights and darks in the pattern.

    The Bleecker flap is way too small for me, so that would be a no brainer for my wardrobe since I have a couple of the Bridgits. I like the leather and style, though. Question is how much will you use it? It's a nice neutral leather bag, so maybe you need that in your wardrobe.

    The holiday patchwork...I like this and have the tote. I was never a fan of the duffle that much, but if you like the pattern and decide to return the matching pouch, then you might want to keep it. I might be tempted to keep either the Bleecker flap or the holiday patchwork because I believe you can wear both of these bags with similar clothes (in general). The plain Bleecker might go with more, though.

    And bracelet, I'm not a fan of the thin ones. I would say if you don't wear bracelets much, then consider returning this one.

    Ok, so if you have to downsize at all, I would get rid of one or both pouches for sure, either the Bleecker flap or holiday patchwork, and one of the canvas bags. The others you just have to assess based on your love and needs. I would hate to get rid of the tattersall satchel and Thompson in all cases, though!

    Does this help at all or make it more confusing?? :confused1::confused1::confused1:
  3. Wow.....what choices! I would keep the Bleecker tote in black -- I have never seen that color, so I think it's different and sharp looking. But I wear black a lot. I would definitely keep the Tattersall. Never would buy it myself, but have been seeing more of those online and really like it. I have the Holiday Patchwork duffle and LOVE it. You can convert the strap and I carried it a lot this past winter, and you can't even tell -- even on the sig fabric on the bottom. Of course I am careful.
    I don't like pouches (cute, tho) or the Scribble.
    I love the bracelet, but unfortunately they don't fit over my fat hand.
    Love the Thompson tophandle, but not so much the tote. Just personal preference -- a little big for me.
    Thanks for the pics. Love to see different bags.
    Let us know what you decide, Coachfreak.
  4. I would keep the nailhead bangle, the patchwork duffle, the tattersall satchel, and the bleecker flap. I love the Thompson, but that's a lot of money for a bag that doesn't fit exactly right! The scribble looks like a diaper bag to me--which is fine if you need a diaper bag:yes:. The others are just kind of "eh" for me....
  5. That's cool, how do you make a collage in snapfish?
  6. Coachfreak, return everything except for the Tattersall Satchel.
    That is the only one I think is a musthave for you as I know how
    you love the Tattersall. Good luck with your decision.
  7. Keep the Tattersall Satchel and the Black Bleecker Tote...

    Exchange the Legacy Thompson Slim Tote for the Legacy Thompson (Slim) Hobo in Chestnut, that you can wear on your shoulder...

    Good Luck with your decision!
  8. Definitely keep the tattersal satchel, the black tote and the small Bleecker flap.
  9. ITA. :yes:
  10. The Bleeker totes just don't do it for me, but if I were to pick one I'd say the black is my favorite. If the choice is to return the two tophandle pouches or the slim tote, take the pouches back. Hope this helps!:smile: And enjoy the pleated patent pink, she's gorgeous!
  11. completely agree with this!!!!
  12. Is there a different Thompson hobo other than a slim version?? I have a hobo, and it's slim (11374). I love the leather but am not crazy about it..it doesn't slouch and conform to the body nearly as well as the SA led me to believe it would. Compared to the Felicia, it's very stiff and less slouchy. I have a small frame, so it bothers me. DH doesn't like it at all, but I won't sell it because I love the leather and think it's a pretty bag. I think the slim tote is a bit smaller than the hobo...unless you go with the Julia, which is really small.
  13. Definately keep the Holiday Patchwork Duffle - I have that in a wallet and the tote and it's an awesome fabric - goes w/ everything. Also, you love the Tattersall so keep it. The Black Bleeker Tote would be great, but if you don't love it, take it back too. I totally understand buying everything -- I sort of overbought on the last PCE and then ended up getting to go to two outlets unexpectedly and found some bags I love, so I also have a few things to return this weekend.
  14. I love the canvas tote with the yellow stripe and the tattersall satchel :tup: (Can't wait to see your pleated ergo!!!)
  15. Keep the tattersall satchel! :smile:
    Why do I not see this online?