What's a girl gotta do to get an Ali around here?!

  1. So I have decided after all these Ali posts that I MUST have a Whiskey Ali. I am going to start saving up for it. So is it outlets yet? Not that I'm AROUND any but I must say I'm curious as to how much they're going for there? One will be mine!
  2. I picked up one from the carlsdbad outlet, ca for 379.
    I'm thinking about returning it though.
  3. Awww how come?? That be a pretty good deal you lucky lucky girl!
  4. Because I'm not quite sure that I love it. It bothers me that it scratches so easily.
    And I think I have too many browns now.
  5. Aww well good enough reason I reckon. ;)
    Man I wish I had an outlet close by to get that kind of deal!
  6. Did you already return that legacy coin pouch?
  7. Actually it's on it's way to a new happy home.=) It was hard but I think it was the right thing to do because it was money I could put in for my Ergo hobo that's on it's way!
  8. Oh man, I should have asked you about it sooner. Glad to hear it went somewhere it will be appreciated.
  9. Aww I'm sorry! I bet you can get it via phone right? Or are they already out again? =P