What's a fair price to sell my LV Speedy 25 for?

  1. It's about a year and a half old. It has a moderate patina, it shows a little wear on the handle and the piping, but that's it. I don't know what price would be fair.
    Should I send it to mypoupette and get a certificate of authenticity before selling it? Just to give the buyer piece of mind? I purchased it myself at Saks so I'm confident it's authentic, but I just want to know what extra measures I should take.
  2. Hmmm. IDK. Honestly, i would wait awhile, but don't use it anymore.
  3. if you still have the receipt, you don't need the authentication!

    i would browse eBay and check out the completed auctions. find a few bags that are in similar condition and see how much they were sold for! that will give you a good idea of its value.
  4. Prices vary but I wouldn't take less than $350 :yes:
  5. I'd watch eBay too, best place to figure out a fair price.
    My feeling with eBay is that you can literally start your bidding at $1.00 & your handbag will find the level it should sell at. I really believe that. I think if you set an opening bid at $325.00, you scare off potential bidders but if you start low, the bidders will stay interested.
  6. i wouldnt take less than 400. people pay extra sometimes for a patina!
    assuming the bag is in good condition!
    i love patina! just not too dark! aaah!
  7. In the 300-350 range.
  8. IMO 300-350 range
  9. I JUST sold mine last week on ebay for $400US plus shipping.

    It's also only about a year old and in great condition with just a light patina.
  10. I suggest starting out at $300.

    Be sure to take pics of: sides, handles, trademark heat stamp on leaf, "30" under leaf, interior, date code, and front/back/bottom of back.
  11. I'm not sure I understand your post. Wait a while for..?
  12. This is exactly my thought on eBay! The market will always set a fair price. There aren't any deals to be had on eBay and that's exactly why, which is great for sellers, but not so good for bargain hunters! ;)
  13. I sold a near mint mono speedy 25 for 400.00USD a couple of years ago.
    However I missed it and bought a new one at LV 2 months ago. Are you positive you want to sell it?
  14. I do this for nearly all my auctions- seems to work just fine :yes:
  15. 1- Put lots of pictures, supersize them, pay the extra cost for this b/c buyers need to be comforted with pictures. (for lack of other words)
    2- List for as long as possible 7 or 10 days (10 day listings cost more though)
    3- Do start your bids low, it attracts buyers because of the popularity.
    4- Post all questions when replying- answer them very thoroughly.
    5- Do a custom layout and not just a 10pt font.
    6- I'd say add up all your costs for this bag and place the reserve price at @ least 75-80% of that value. Reserve price is the lowest price you would sell your bag for, plus if it doesn't make the reserve price you can offer a Second Chance Offer to the highest bidder if that's what you are willing to sacrifice it for.

    GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!! (it's a tough LV Ebay world out there) but it won't be if you stay positive and present your Speedy with confidence and appeal. Lemme know how it goes! :O)