What's a fair price for second hand Vavin PM?

  1. The holiday season is over.

    My credit card has taken a bashing and my poor 2.5 year old Vavin PM has not seen the daylight in a year.

    Therefore, I am selling to curb my LV obsession! :crybaby:

    I'm not sure where to sell it as I have never sold on eBay before.

    I'm not even sure what a fair price is for it? :shrugs:

    Any ideas? I can't seem to find the Vavin PM on eBay as a price indication. Unfortunately, because I buy bags for keeps I do not have the receipt any longer. Do you think this will hinder the sale of the bag?

    Your help is much appreciated!

    Btw I'm located in Australia.
  2. Hello.. I think it is going to be a little hard for you to sell on eBay because if you never sold anything on ebay before, you do not have a high seller rating. Which means buyer will unlikely to buy from you and if they do buy pay a lower price than buying from somebody who has a high and great positive feedback. Also, since you don't have your receipt, it might be harder to sell it too... Maybe get it authenticated before you sell? Hope this helps!
  3. I agree; many buyers might be skeptical of a seller with zero feedback. You might consider selling some smaller things first, to build up some feedback. Meanwhile keep your eye out for other sales of similar items to use as a benchmark. Check "completed sales" as well as current ones. Good luck!
  4. thanks girls.

    how do I go about authenticating it? Do I bring it back to LV and they will then provide me with some sort of "report"?
  5. LV will give you a verbal authentication....they will not give anything that is written--company policy. You can use the services provided by MyPoupette.com--$5 for each LV authentication. Be sure to take clear, close-up pics of the datecode, heatstamp, and all sides of the bag.
  6. My Poupette is offering a service where they allow you to put a special symbol on your auction once they see your photos and approve your piece. Great idea! May help get your auction up on ebay too!
    My Poupette.com
  7. To become a MyPoupette recommended seller (MPRS) you have to sell a certain number of authentic bags, apply with MyPoupette, and get approved--it's a pretty long process...not just have one bag authenticated before you sell on ebay.
  8. Do you have a relative or close friend that uses eBay w/high and good feedback? YOu could have them list it for you...that would eliminate one obstacle, at least.
  9. I am pretty sure seller "Fashionphile" does consignment for people and she is an MPRS. You are still responsible for ebay and paypal fees and I am not too sure what she takes for her cut.
  10. thanks for all the help. will hope onto mypoupette and get my bags going.

    I've got others that need to be authenticated and sold as well. Hopefully I will get a good price!
  11. My Poupette.com

    This is the link. MP does this for individual bags. The symbol goes to MP where your auction number is posted. Better than you writing that you got your bag authenticated by MP or that you will pay the fee for a bidder. For somebody with no history selling expensive stuff this looks great. I am looking through the listings with interest as a buyer.
  12. Yes Mypoupette is a good idea, with all the fakes on ebay in the past people tend to buy from sellers with good feedback. Good luck!
  13. OMG that was my 700th post I think I am officially addicted LOL