whats a fair opening bid?

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  1. I tried selling some items with low start bid. Meaning I'm already losing about $200 if it sells with one bid. I thought this was fair but apparently not. I've already relisted twice with about 10 watchers and the items still haven't sold.

    I've gotten questions if I would consider selling for a lower amount. Well, I'm already losing a lot I can't go any lower. The shipping fees were fair too.

    I keep saying this over and over. The fakes are killing the authentic items. I see fakes being sold for less than authentic items and people expect to get the real thing for the same amount.

    What else can I do with out losing so much $$$$.

    I've already lost about $15.00 on fees with no sales.
  2. Unfortunately, if you've listed it that many times with no bites and only offers to buy at a lower price, that means the market value for your item is much lower than you think. If you want to sell it, it means you'll eventually have to lose more than the $200 you will already be losing at your current bottom price. I know it's hard to accept that your item might not be worth what you think it should be worth. I've sold lots of items for much less than I expected to get, so I totally understand the pain. I try to rationalize it by saying that I have also sold items for far more than I expected, so it kinda balances out.

    You can also try selling on Craigslist (which has no fees) and see if you get any bites at your current price that way. Good luck!