Whats a cute small bag to get for under $150?

  1. Im thinking maybe a small coach bag or a small Kors clutch. Any other suggestions for that price?
  2. How small are we talking? Like a wristlet? Or bigger? Any particular color or material?
  3. I was thinking a little bigger than a wristlet, and soft black leather. That'll probably but me in the $250 range.
  4. This comes in black:

    for $175.
  5. sorry, forgot to mention.. that bag is by Juicy Couture.
  6. BabyK I really like that. I will have to look into that one.

    for $175.
  7. Very cute! Thanks :love:
  8. Oh sorry, forgot to mention that i saw it on NM website.
  9. Check out the Coach outlet, TJMaxx, and/or Marshalls. You can get some really cute bags for under $150.