What's a BV "ball bag"?

  1. I looked on BV's website and see nothing called a "ball bag", and nothing really shaped like one.
  2. It is a fabulous woven leather hobo. Saks.com has it on their website - labeled as "woven leather hobo." I own one in black and it is ont of my favorite bags.
  3. Thanks, but where the heck does the "ball" analogy come from? I thought it was a type of closure?
  4. I don't know - maybe because of the shape and the seams that come onto the front/back of the bag (as though you could put something round in it). What I really like about the bag is that you get the hobo/casual/carefree style, but when you take the bag off your shoulder and put it down, it doesn't "melt" and completely loose its shape.
  5. The bag has some darts on the front & back that look like tha way a baseball is stitched. It has some great pokets tucked under the straps & outside of the zipper. Ball bags are really great hobos, yet they are compartmentalized at the same time, I would love to have one of them.
  6. The BV ball in black is my next Bottega Veneta purchase. It'd be awhile though before I buy it since I'm on purse ban (but I can dream about it!) :love:
  7. can one of u sweet ladies post Pic of the BV Ball bag?